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Multipassionate Vlog

Hey Gorgeous Soul. . .

Thought I’d try something new…. Here’s my first attempt at a Vlog- Feeling my fear and doing anyway! Drop me a comment below if you liked meeting me in video! If you are multi-passionate this vlog is for you and a wee intro to myself! and Daisy my little Jack Russell fur baby, gets in on the action too… See if you can spot her bark – LOL

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My Week. . .

  • Sshhhh I am working on something BIG right now. . . TOP SECRET! I am sooo excited, actually bursting to tell you all, but I really want to put the finishing pieces all together before I will be shouting it from the roof tops! Keep your peepers open . . .
  • My puppy (who’s not a puppy,  but will always be my puppy) is killing me with her cuteness. I was never a doggie person till I met Daisy. She is totes awesome and has me laughing at least once a day, her unwavering affection lights me up something fierce!
  • Intensive work has began on my Get Selfish- Journal, will defo be available for May! Hurrah!
  • My trusty lappy with a keys missing and keys so worn you can’t see the letters… is finally getting replaced. Nobody told me it would be sooo hard, letting go – man what stuff we have written together, my first book, my first course…. It was the lap top, I fell in love with writing on! Anyone else get really attached to their technology or is it just a Joanna thing?
  • I am in love with yogi tea bags at the moment, it’s the wee tab’s on the tea bags- They’re like a fortune cookie without the calories! On each of the little tab’s they have some wonderful, warm and fuzzy written- make’s Tea break just that bit more special!

Joanna's week in pictures....Poor wee lappy Poor wee lappy

So that was my week how was yours??? Pop me a comment, I’d love to hear from you did you enjoy the Vlog? See you next week. . . Back to regular updates!


Love & Blessings




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