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It's time to hear the calling of your soul

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Life At  LightWeb-Speed

I am willing to bet you have questions about life, that you sometimes experience struggle, feel
overwhelmed, worried and soon after, you find yourself in a downward spiral...

...We call it being human, but what if YOU could choose how you felt every day?

I am not talking about some happy, clappy, let's all think positive choice,
instead I am talking a DEEP spiritual shift in consciousness.  

I am about to blow your mind...


All life's problems are just one problem! 
and all of them have just One Solution! 

I am aware of what a massively bold claim that is, however, I can, 
and often do, prove it! All life is energy,  therefore all problems are energy too.

Simple logic tells us, if YOU were to learn to control energy, YOU would have the solution to, well...




"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C Clarke

What Can LightWeb Do  For You?

We are more than just human, we are also a spiritual being of unlimited source energy.
That unlimited part of us, your immortal Soul, has a very different operating system to your human part.

The Soul is multi-dimensional and operates from "I Know", a deep connection and knowing that it is the universe, 
 therefore the soul's response to Life is, "I Trust"    

"I Know and I Trust " 

This way of living connects you deeply to the Source of all things, to your

Ease, Joy and Flow in Life  

Taking action in life and business becomes waaaay easier. You enter the flow of life and feel more deeply connected.
Making this your primary operating system is what a LightWeb® activation can do for YOU!


As human beings most of us experience life as a struggle, with rare visits to the flow of life.
Normally, human brains operate on an operating system of,

"I Think,"  therefore our response to life becomes, "I question."

"I think and I question" 

This is exhausting all day every day, where we are thinking and questioning everything... every little choice, 
every action we take. Everything comes under the lens of this limited human perception. 

It breeds doubt, uncertainty, hardship and difficulty - this is where your problems in life started!
Your disconnection from source!  


Try it for yourself...Which feels better ?


Take a couple of deep breaths and repeat each statement.

Check in with yourself which felt better? which felt most expansive ?

If you answered "I KNOW and I TRUST", then this course is for YOU!



I know there is magic in your veins, just like I know there's breath in my lungs... 

I am Joanna Hunter, High Priestess of The LightWeb™
I have been a psychic medium as long as I can remember. I have always had a super strong connection to the spirit world, the divine, source, the universe, call it what you will....

My connection to this magical place has always been a great source of grace for me.... It is the place I have always turned to in moments of despair or when the crap was hitting the fan.... It was always there for me, like a faithful friend....with loving, divine guidance and solutions...

Despite this connection I still lived a life of stress, fear and worry...  

In my early 30's spirit cracked me wide open and poured in the light. I had been living my life on autopilot, just going through the motions. I had a mountain of debt, stress that would have broken most people, I was truly miserable - Then disaster hit or some may call it Awakening! I collapsed at home from multiple organ failure induce by long term stress! I was told I would not leave the hospital and to prepare my family for my passing. 

In a moment of sheer clarity I turned to my inner source of loving grace, surrendered to a higher power within me, and together we began to co-create a new life. A great healing took root inside me. I developed a partnership with Source and this grace became a collective consciousness called- Skylar. Skylar's wisdom changed how I viewed the world forever and brought a level of peace I had never before experienced.  

In 2017 Skylar reactivated me into LightWeb, a soul based technology and for the second time in my current life time I had a  monumental life changing moment. I was asked by the spiritual High Council of Orion, of which Skylar is a member off, to teach LightWeb's soul based technology to the peoples of earth for the ascension of our species and planet. 

It's an honour and privilege to teach YOU LightWeb™.
I have dedicated my life to the Divine Service of Source.




The 9 Sacred Modules of the 333Magic® Framework 

The 3 Temples of Higher Human Consciousness

3 Insights for your SOUL, 3 Concepts for your MIND and 3 Steps for your BODY

To help you shift into a divine consciousness that allows you to show up more fully and authentically as you. 

Stress is reduced, peace of mind is increased, your connection to source is increased and your internal guidance system is re-aligned.

The 9 Modules of Lightweb™...

Temple of the SOUL

3 Insights that will help you understand yourself, your soul and co-creation at a deeper level allowing activation into the LightWeb™. 

YOUnity - In this module we activate you into LightWeb. Life is about to get Brighter!

Source - In this module we explore source at the deepest levels.

Co-creation- In this module we teach you co-creation the LightWeb™ way.

Claire Koentopp If anyone is on the fence but feels the pull... don't think twice, do it! It was a significant investment for me, but this is not any old course, the way in which it transforms every element of your life is priceless. 


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Temple of the MIND

3 Concepts that will shift your mindset into a source aligned mindset and help
to empower you to merge your human self with your higher, soul self.

Mastery - In this module we give you the tools for mastery of life.

Empowerment - In this module we show you how to become fully empowered in life.

Freedom - In this module we share how ultimate freedom is achieved.

Katie Carey   LightWeb was literally magical. Things happened that were logically unexplainable. I am so happy that I now have access to the amazing LightWeb tools and i have implemented into my life connecting to the LightWeb regularly and especially whenever I feel that I need support. I now trust my own choices more than I have ever trusted myself before.


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Temple of the BODY

3 Steps to help you activate the LightWeb technology into your daily life and remain in source connection,
directing that energy into your dreams & actions. 

Dream - In this module we teach you the lost art of dreaming big, magnetic dreams.

Plan - In this module we help you tap into the Divine Plan and show you how to unfold it.

Action - In this module we show you the magic of inspired action & how to align to it. 

Vivian Watson   LightWeb has completely changed my life. As we were just starting the course, my brother died unexpectedly. I was able to handle this painful event with grace and peace and a strength I didn't even know I had. As my vibration grew higher, I was able to comfort my family just by being around -- it was truly incredible. I didn't really need to do anything at all! As the months went by, I was able to tap into higher levels of intuition and even access healing powers I didn't know I had before. 333Magic framework is a way of life. The tools you'll learn here will completely transform your life in such a short time, you'll be unrecognizable when you finish the course. I recommend it 1000%


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"I can hear source clearly now - it's like having conversation!"

"LightWeb is unbelievable. Connecting to source on such a deep level was fantastic, I learned a lot and healed a lot more. Absolutely would recommend it! Best course I had invested in for a long time - basically life changing! I can hear source clearly now - it's like having conversation! "

Meike Haisenko  //  Soul Plan Teacher

"I would recommend that all spiritual people take this course!"

"333Magic Framework in LightWeb is an absolute game changer with regards to living your best life. You will evolve during this course and you will never go back to a strictly human way of seeing the world again. It allows you to truly tap into your connection with the Universe and ignites your intuition and power. I would recommend that all spiritual people take this course!"

Kristen Clark  //  Magic Maker & Intuitive Coach

"I feel more confident"

"333Magic Framework in LightWeb provides the tools to support me personally, spiritually and financially to expand and grow in ways I would have never imagined! I feel more confident and at ease navigating life knowing LightWeb is readily accessible".

Laura Muirhead   //  Artist- Healer-Sage


Illuminate Your Life

Understand the basic fundamental rules of life and energy, switch the lights on in your life, step deeper into your divine calling!


Connect to the LightWeb

Receive a Spiritual LightWeb activation from the sacred Codex of Light, to energise you into this soul base technology - understand the connectedness of all things.


Advance Faster

Reconnect to your own inner source of Magic, move beyond the day to day hum-drum of what's keeping you stuck, embrace the leadership of your life fully!


Speed up your manifestations

When you know the rules of the game you can play like a pro. With LightWeb your manifestations turn up LightWeb FAST!


Supersize your intuition

The inside edge to life is being able to tap into Spiritual guidance at will, any time you want, with amazing accuracy  


Create & unfold bigger dreams

Size matters when it comes to dreams, that's especially true when it comes unfolding your life's most powerful experiences.  


This Life Change Course Includes: 

  • LightWeb™ DNA Activation 
  • 333Magic™ Framework
  • 9 Modules of higher consciousness learning
  • 9 Meditations and DNA Activations
  • 9 LightWeb™ Workbooks
  • Access to LightTools™ Library for Spiritual energy alchemy
  • LightWeb™ Everyday Mini Course
  • Lifetime course access
  • High Vibe Private Facebook Community


  • Source & Void Alignment Tool Sent to you
  • Be Your Own Rescue Framework & Masterclass

"Know thy Self..."
- Emerald Tablet circa 4000B.C.


When I feel the need for an energy boost or to get aligned, I close my eyes & plug myself into LightWeb.....it's like a vitamin B shot for your soul ❤ I love  the 333Magic framework and I continue to revisit the course daily. 333Magic, is a way of creating Your life vs. living your life.

Darby Lording, Intuitively Designed Healing


 I am much calmer, more in touch with my emotions, I can easily address and deal with issues as they come up.  I  effortlessly connect to the LightWeb and love the literal lightness I feel inside myself now. This is a life changing program. It will change you from the inside, making all other areas of your life better.

Rose Noe, writer and CPA


It's really important to me that I always sell my courses with full upfront integrity;
in spiritual coaching there is no substitute for doing the work.  

Getting results like my epic clients mentioned on this page,  is a testament
to their dedication and the work they have put into following my teachings.
I want those results for you too, so please don't sign up for this course if
you have no intention of following through on the powerful
lessons this course contains as only doing the work
will create the results.  


Frequently Asked Questions 


A. Is this just for intuitive people?

Q. No, this is for anyone who wishes to become more intuitive 

A. What if I can't make the Live Calls ?

Q. We got you - all live calls will be recorded and replays will be available to you! 


A. Will this course help me with abundance?

Q. Yes, learning how energy works and increasing your capacity for energy increases abundance. 

A. Do I need to be super spiritual for this course?

Q. An open mind and a willingness to learn is all that's needed.