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Are you ready to Create a Business that works on every level ? 


 Are You Done Playing Small?

Perhaps you know these feelings well? You're D-O-N-E playing small, keeping your magic inside you, hiding your light! YOU long for nothing more than to share it with the world!

However, the truth is, frustration and you have been roomies a while, lack and you are on first names terms, be it a lack of clients, money, time, resources and all of this has you tearing your hair out in a mass of confusion, worry and angst that would be better suited to a sparkly, teenage vampire. 

Change Maker, this is what you have been looking for. This Academy will turn all of that confusion and lack of momentum into crystal clear clarity, into rocket fuel for your divine mission to live your highest purpose- So are you ready to invest in becoming the change you wish to see in the world?

Are You Ready? To...

Are you ready? To ....

  • Break the Feast & Famine Cycle
  • Create a clear Plan to hit your money goals
  • Expand you capacity to receive in more, more clients, more money, more impact!  

Are you ready? To...

  • End the confusion in building your business
  • Create Clarity in every area of your business & your life
  • Never be stuck again for the next steps in growing your business

Are you ready? To..

  • Create the rock solid foundations in your business
  • Create a tribe of raving fans who love what you do 
  • Create more ease, joy and flow alignment to your goals 

Are You Ready To Decide It Gets To Be Easy?

- Where Business Magic Happens

So Much More Than Just an Academy...

  • 1
    Central to the Academy is a powerful business system called...
    Divine Planning- Abundant Profits. This system was source downloaded and is designed to create massive momentum, clarity and help you make the money you want in your business. 
  • 2
    Group support from a community that will really understand you...
    This Academy is designed specifically for a soul lead spiritual entrepreneur. This means a community that is 110% your vibe, 110% your tribe which equals a support system you can bank on!
  • 3
    Plus 12 months of Coaching....
    Say whaaaat???! Yup 12 months of group Mastermind coaching to support you in your business journey- Being part of the Academy you will get group coaching each month so you can check in, ask LIVE questions & more!  

This is the place business magic happens!


Divine Planning Abundant Profits is the Best Business Course I have invested in...

Divine Planning Abundant Profits is the best business course I have invested in. I have previously purchased way more expensive courses by other coaches and none of them provided a clear system with actionable steps to move your business forward. This one is the real deal if you want your business to improve and bring in money month after month while staying in the state of joy, alignment and ease! 

Joanna's coaching in the group and individually (I opted in for a VIP option) has been truly life-changing for me. I now have a clear system to follow which creates a never-ending suite of products so that I can utilize my time and efforts and serve my audience in the most authentic way possible. 

I am BEYOND grateful.

Evelina Horvich- of evelinahorvich.com  

One simple system to create massive growth in your business

Each of the 4 plans of Divine Planning- Abundant Profits feeds into each other, building a framework that removes overwhelm, drives traffic and creates a tailor-made strategy for momentum and success in your business! 

The supporting courses in the Academy ensures your success, that you are never without a plan or stuck on the steps required for success! 

All in one super actionable Academy! 

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi, I am Joanna Hunter, the Channel and creator of Divine Planning - Abundant Profits Academy. I have had nearly 20 years experience as a self employed entrepreneur. I have had a love for business that has spanned my whole life and I will be honest with, you I never though that was ever going to play nice with my spiritual gifts that where switched on since birth.

Now I see that Spirit were training me for just this gig! I bridge two very different worlds - I am Fluent in Woo Woo, Mediumship, Energy and Law of attraction but I am also equally fluent in Business, Marketing, Making Impact and Money... That makes me pretty unique as a business coach, which is why I only work with soul centred spiritual entrepreneurs - 

"I literally bring the Business Magic!" 

So Is This Academy Right For You?

In Divine Planning- Abundant Profits Academy your results are my results... I don't want you to buy yet another course that takes up room on the internet for you, I want you to really get what you need from this Academy to elevate you to the next level - I fully recognise this Academy won't be for everyone.

So is it for you? 

This is For you if....

  • You are ready to take serious action in your business, you just need the how- we will give you that by the bucket load!
  • You have an idea of what you want to do or you are already up and running.This is for starts ups and established businesses.
  • You want a way of doing business that will help you gain massive business momentum and make your income goals.
  •  You want a LIFE & a business - you want to work smarter not harder! 
  • You know deep in your soul you have a mission greater than you and a strong desire to serve humanity. 
  • You are sick of not making the money & impact you want!

 if You answered Yes - then this is the place for You

What My Beautiful Students are Saying...

DPAP is a phenominal programme balanced with an abundance of detailed yet super easy to use templates, checklists and planning tools to efficiently manage starting up/launching/growing one’s business service/programs, videos, unlimited Mastermind Group support with access to Joanna, too!, weekly Q&A calls during the live rounds are amazing.

I am so glad I was part of this programme”

Shannon Gorton Creative Coach

Before taking this course, I did not have a clear plan for my business. I felt overwhelmed, tapped out, drained and used.

Now I feel I have direction with a clear cut strategy on what I need to do on a daily basis. I feel refreshed, re-energised with a direct sense of purpose.

Heather Lalava - Violinist, Mentor & Healer 

  It was so important for me to work with someone experienced in running successful spiritual businesses and that is Joanna!  I am so grateful. 

The Divine Planning Abundant Profits (DPAP) program gave me incredible confidence!  It changed everything about the idea of "working" in my business.  It completely eliminated any concern about how to organise my time and what to focus on day to day in my business.


Wendy Williams  - Spiritual Mentor & Healer

The course gave me a model for how my business could work. The model helped me release the constant pressure of figuring out "how" to offer my content, and gave me energy to focus on "what" I would offer and "why" I offer what I do.  

Susanne Benton -Massage Therapist & Author

DPAP has shown me that I can add value to people's lives whilst creating a brilliant business and income for me. I will have a product that is totally mine which has all the hallmarks of me.  One of the amazing things for me is how straight forward the plans are. 

Joanna is a great business woman as well as the Queen of Woo. She is very astute as well as approachable and is so generous with her time.  

Rachel Hamilton -Transformational Coach

I loved this course soooooooooo much, it helped give me clarity and confidence and it has literally breathed life into my business! 

Carol Lee -Natural food school

What's Inside
The Divine Planning-Abundant Profits Academy?

13 + Courses 

Supportive FB Group Community

HIGH VIBE - Meditations 

Everything you need to grow your biz

Packed with business tools  

Guided Journalling Courses 

Soul Lead advice and guidance  

The powerful DPAP Business System 

At Least 12 group coaching calls 

VIP - Options with extra coaching  

  All This Is Included...

  • 13+ Courses inc 8 week DPAP Business System 
  • Lifetime online access 24/7 
  • FB Group access for the lifetime of the course
  • Content you will visit again and again
  • 12 Group Mastermind Coaching Calls
  • Invites to future LIVE rounds
  • FREE Access to NEW Courses + Classes
  • A coach that wants to see you Succeed! 

Where Business Magic Happens

Academy Access

  • 13+ Courses inc 8 week DPAP Business System 
  • Lifetime online access 24/7 
  • FB Group access for the lifetime of the course*
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls
  • Invites to future LIVE rounds
  • FREE Access to NEW Courses + Classes
  • Pay in Full BONUS - FREE DPAP Planner   

Where Business Magic Happens

VIP Access

  • 1 x 90min 1:1 Coaching call 
  • 2x 60min Coaching calls 
  • 1 Month FB messenger access
  • 13+ Courses inc 8 week DPAP Business System 
  • Lifetime online access 24/7 
  • FB Group access for the lifetime of the course
  • 12 Group Coaching Calls
  • Invites to future LIVE rounds
  • FREE Access to NEW Courses + Classes
  • Pay in Full BONUS - FREE DPAP Planner   

Full Upfront Transparency

It's really important to me that I sell my courses with upfront transparency and integrity. I want you to get the best results ever - I want YOU to say, like some of my others students have said:

"this is the best business course I have ever invested in".

In order for that to happen you have to understand coaching is not a passive thing, it's a doing thing. To get results requires active participation, there is no substitute for doing the work.

All the students that have kindly given me a testimonial on this page are Shero's, there are many more Shero's inside the Academy - every single one of them has done the work, put in the effort and have the results to show for it. 

So before you sign up please consider if you are ready to do the work that will get you the results - I have a 110% belief in my Academy, I know it gets results for those that show up and invest not just their money but their time, to get the results they desire.       


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Why should I buy this Academy instead of the other billion courses out there?

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Is there tonnes of content and will it take me hours?

It's time to get your Business Magic
out into the world!

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