Clash Of The Vibrations - Joanna
Joanna Hunter

Spiritual Life and Business Coach, Founder of Joanna Hunter Media LTD. Visionary Muse, Author of Get Selfish, Law of manifestation expert and channel to galactic consciousness Skylar.

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Khirstie Gunn Myles - 13th April 2020

Enjoyed clash of the vibrations Joanna – it made complete sense & resonated with me !
I walked away from sugar two years ago it had a profound effect on well-being physically and mentally I regained energy and mental clarity. In recent months I have had less alcohol not purposely I just didn’t desire it and as you noted hangovers become less bearable – I thought it was due to lock down 🙂 thanks for sharing this we are what we eat my admiration goes to the organic farming movement who are sticking in and persevering xxk

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