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The Sneaky Agenda,

I have never hidden the fact the work I do, I do it to raise the vibration of the planet in fact I call it my not so secret or sneaky – agenda. However I realised I never really shared the reason behind why I feel so driven and passionate to this cause or indeed […]

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Podcast Special

The Podcast Special Thanks for joining me on this podcast special. I am super excited to share all these wonderful podcasts I have been honoured to be a guest off and share the special episodes I have been featured in.​   Love is a Verb                       The very […]

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You are enough- never debate it

You Are Enough-Never Debate It I worked as a spiritual life coach for a long time…. I have helped hundreds of people with thousands of aliments from people with depression to people who simply just want the feeling of achieving something in their lives…. So it might come as shock to some that all theses vastly […]

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