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Protection- Against Psychic Attack

Protection Against Psychic Attack What is psychic attack? Psychic attack is either conscious or unconscious negative thoughts sent to you and your home, by another person. At its worst it is prolonged held negative thoughts which may include spell work,  in which the intention of harm to you or yours, has been invoked. How to recognise your under […]

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Foundations to Light Consciousness

Foundations to Light Consciousness   Let’s talk foundations – reflecting this morning on my teachings and the teachings of spirit through me – I realised a-never-seen before common thread in all I teach; foundations For humans most foundations are formed in childhood, from there it often dictates the course of ones life. This is often why the poor […]

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The Sneaky Agenda,

I have never hidden the fact the work I do, I do it to raise the vibration of the planet in fact I call it my not so secret or sneaky – agenda. However I realised I never really shared the reason behind why I feel so driven and passionate to this cause or indeed […]

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