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Foundations to Light Consciousness


Foundations to Light Consciousness   

Let’s talk foundations - reflecting this morning on my teachings and the teachings of spirit through me - I realised a-never-seen before common thread in all I teach; foundations

For humans most foundations are formed in childhood, from there it often dictates the course of ones life. This is often why the poor stay poor and the rich stay rich- foundations dictating the course of ones life. 

Indeed this was true for me - for many years I played out the patterns in my foundations as learnt by from my parents and they from theirs and so on.

Until a event so massive it could not be ignored interrupted those patterns, my life was built on, (the event- my multiple organ failure) and I began to seek a different path, to my original foundations/ blue print/ dharma. ...

Heres how things unfolded:

  • My Get Selfish work was to come from that initial journey- it completely rewired how I think as a human experiencing earth, it shifted my physical reality - it changed my foundations. I no longer saw in black and white, I saw now in colour. It rocked my world!  I changed my blue print forever. 
  • Next came Divine Planning- Abundant Profits. Having already create 4 x 6 figure businesses I already knew a great deal about business however - the first shift in my consciousness ( Get Selfish ) would not allow me to operate a business  in the same way as I once had.
  • The download from source that became DPAP-A became a second shift in my foundations - to operate my business from an entirely different energy as I had once done, it created a foundational structure within my business on which to break the feast and famine cycle- a physical, mental, emotional and energy/ spiritual cycle and turned my business into a vehicle for positive change both in my life and that of others. 

Next shift in consciousness came as a bolt from the Divine....

  • BeMagic insights -LightWeb & 333Magic -LightWeb it’s very essence is the fabric or foundations of the universe on which all things in this universe are built & 333Magic follows on from my work Get Selfish in order to help the human part of you step more fully into the quantum version of you- 333Magic framework helps you to establish the quantum foundations in the physical world for LightWeb to be part of your life, so you can see past the illusion of the 1% realm and begin to perceive the 99% realm, the quantum realm - the BeMagic insights support that journey, by increasing your understanding of energetic foundations LIGHT for the mastery in life. 

All these bodies of work represent: the re-building of foundations, it is our foundations by which we experience life -all else that comes into ones life sits on those foundations. 

It’s my humble opinion that our very foundations, are of the utmost importance when creating the life of our dreams and living with conscious power, our ability to tap into that power, and utilising it in life.

Yet the most basic of those foundations that I had create anew within myself and perhaps the most important of those foundations became an unfoldment of knowing from the knowledge of Get Selfish, DPAP, BeMagic, LightWeb, 333Magic ...of LIGHT. 

The role Light plays in our lives;

  • Light is Consciousness 
  • Too little light we experience darkness, hardship, struggle.... 
  • Increase light - everything gets lighter... there is no shift in life unless there is a shift in our awareness of light....

Although this awareness of light became part of my journey right from the very start  - it remained unnamed or even fully acknowledged like an accidental side effect of following spirits teachings of Get Selfish, DPAP, BeMagic, LightWeb and 333Magic 

Now I understand the core role that awareness of the light plays and how all other energies ‘plug’ into this awareness of Light

"Success or failure is found in our daily habits" - many have said this & it is true.

The reason for this is because our daily habits form the foundations of our lives from there all else flows.

Heres the mother load right here 👇👇👇

If you are not consciously creating your life, your are working with an archaic blue print that most likely has been playing out for hundreds if not thousands of years in your life and the lives of your ancestors. After all where did you learn those daily habits, that created the success or failure you perceive as the life you are experiencing???

It is your daily tiny increments that shift the amount of light in your foundation this what creates big shifts in your life: Tiny Increments done daily. 

As the surface of our life is a direct reflection of the amount of light our foundations contain...

Yet as humans we seek the complicated and complex to be our solutions to life’s most pressing problems - almost regarding the foundations as too basic, or ‘I am way to advanced for this...’  Hello ego my old friend  #justsayin 

.... however I cannot ignore that every solution I have found for my clients and my self to create great change in life and business has always been a foundational energy and more importantly increasing light in that foundational piece. 

I want to get this knowledge into the hands of as many people as possible. I am on a #mission. This knowledge of moving from dark to light is the keys to your consciousness. Consciousness is LIGHT . Increase LIGHT- You INCREASE Consciousness  = increased power in life! 

Time to ditch the complex solutions and struggle and embrace source alignment as your central foundation.

Love & Light  Filled Blessings, 

Joanna Xxx 



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