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Foundations to Light Consciousness

Foundations to Light Consciousness   Let’s talk foundations – reflecting this morning on my teachings and the teachings of spirit through me – I realised a-never-seen before common thread in all I teach; foundations For humans most foundations are formed in childhood, from there it often dictates the course of ones life. This is often why the poor […]

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Owning Who You Are

Owning who you are….  This is actually a seriously difficult thing to do! We are bombarded by a ton of opinions on what we should be like, how we should act and even what we should say! Yet if we do that we deny the world something very special indeed. Our authentic selves, since there […]

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12 Positivity Ideas

Happy New Year!!!  Let’s make a packed just me and you…. What do say to making this year your most positive ever? Making positivity a daily habit- that will have you enjoying life even more!!! Okay let’s do it! I’ve got a list you’ll love to making this year your most positive ever… 12 Idea’s […]

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Love Is A Verb

Hey Gorgeous! I am really excited to be writing this blog post… I HAVE AMAZING NEWS- shouty caps news! We are near the end of the year so much has happened this year! If you’ve been following me on social media you will know I have moved like a billion times this year, been changing how […]

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Melt Down

I am going to be really real and really honest with you. Last week I had a melt down… It wasn’t pretty! In fact it was down right hideous! It was one of those bubbling, snot filled ones were you don’t make one lick of sense to anyone but you (even that is touch and […]

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