January 12

Owning Who You Are


Owning who you are…. 

This is actually a seriously difficult thing to do! We are bombarded by a ton of opinions on what we should be like, how we should act and even what we should say!

Yet if we do that we deny the world something very special indeed. Our authentic selves, since there is only one of you we deny the world something it’s never before seen – The True YOU!

Yet we pile on even more crap on to ourselves… We build these false worlds of where we are not enough and somehow even on our best day we still don’t hit that bar of that unattainable perfection. We couldn’t be further from the truth in those moments… Your just living in the wrong world, one that undoubtedly you unconsciously created every time you beat yourself up for some, ‘not good enough’ infraction that you have judged yourself for making.

Yet dear Soul you are beyond beautiful! Beyond perfect… Everything your immortal soul came here to learn about is encoded in your mortal body- Therefore any challenges you have are designed that way to help you find your way back to love to the truth of who you are-That immortal, expansive soul self an exquisite extension of the universe- the oneness, love in motion.

For the Soul it’s a game that the challenges of the body represent. For the soul knows with out a single shadow of a doubt that it is perfection- full stop!  However the body changes things up and the observer in us begins to compare us to the other bodies out there and suddenly the world seem scary and not even equal any more… aaand Omg this person’s big toe seems so much better than mine! Still in the core of you is the perfection that always is, always will be and is as old as time itself, it will never stop being perfect or good enough.

Inside us that space exists where even on our worst days we will always be good enough, loveable and pure perfection. So this notion we need to do all this stuff and then we will be perfect is actually a fallacy, what is really needs to happen is an allowing. An allowing of the energy that always was, to pour through us instead of damning it with our notions that somehow we aren’t good enough. If we make this shift we also naturally shift into our more expansive soul selves – Since that is also the state being where the creative power of the universe lives too, it begins to flows through you and ease, joy, happiness soon become common place.

But… and you knew that but was coming! We as a society seem addicted to judging ourselves as less than. Addicted to the story of not good enough when perfection lays dormant within you always- If only you are ready to awaken to owning who you are… just as you are!


Love and Blessings 



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