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Protection- Against Psychic Attack


Protection Against Psychic Attack 

What is psychic attack? 

Psychic attack is either conscious or unconscious negative thoughts sent to you and your home, by another person. At its worst it is prolonged held negative thoughts which may include spell work,  in which the intention of harm to you or yours, has been invoked. 

How to recognise your under psychic attack;

Recognising your under psychic attack is the first step in removing this negative influence in your life. Since psychic attack effects everyone differently I have listed all the major symptoms but you don’t need to be experiencing them all in order for you to be under this attack.  Psychic attack is essentially the power of the evil eye. Remember you are the expert in you, check in with what resonates with you. 

  • Unable to get someone out of your head
  • Bouts of ill health, like one thing after another
  • Plants in your home dying
  • Things breaking in your home, one thing after another 
  • Ill health of your pets 
  • Headaches especially if you are not prone to head aches 
  • Pain in the third eye (located between the eyebrows on the forehead) 
  • Pain in the shoulder blades - like being stabbed in the back
  • Nausea for no reason
  • Anxious, nervous feeling 
  • Feeling of dread, angst or fear  
  • Inability to sleep 
  • Unexplained tiredness and feeling super lethargic - drained
  • Feeling of being watched when no-one is with you
  • Negative thoughts being on a loop
  • Spate of “bad luck” or more accident prone than usual 
  • Loss of money, property - things going missing. 
  • Any behaviours that overcome you like anger when that’s not normally your personality

What do you when you suspect your under psychic attack

  • Start by cleansing your home, open window doors to let old negative energy out while using sound or sacred smoke like intense or sage to cleanse your home of negative energy.  Sweep east to west (most phones have a compass app so you can check ) and then sweep out the front door. 
  • Seal your home, by walking the perimeter with sea salt one of the most powerful clearing agents available to us. Just walk round the outside of where you live pouring the salt in a circle round the outside of your home. Where you have shared walls with your neighbours visualise the salt between the wall, do the same for any areas you can’t reach on foot. 
  • Call in your Guardian Angels for extra support and help, these powerful beings can help you heal and clear this toxic energy. 

Now you are ready to shed the negative influence from your personal energy field.  

  • All energy of the evil eye requires an entry point. It gains access to us by the quality of our thoughts, the Key for this energy like all other energies is the Law of attraction, it finds a like energy within us to latch on too and again a foot hold in our lives. Start by being honest of where your thoughts have been unkind to others and could have created the entry point for another persons negative energy to enter. Forgive this action in you and journal to let it go. 
  • The mistake and temptation is to send any negative energy back with any type of malice. Often I see this on Facebook like “Ha Karma will get you- you just wait and see” to wish negative Karma on someone is to wish it on yourself. Instead imagine pink coloured mirrors around you - pink representing unconditional love and imagine the mirrors reflect back any energy sent to you with loving kindness.
  • Next have Salt bath, to strip the negative energy away from your energy field or if you only have a shower at home do a salt scrub to cleanse the negative energy out of your auric field. 
  • Ask for angelic assistance call on archangel Michael to cut any cords between you anyone one that wishes harm or negative energy. 
  • Make a commitment to not complain or speak badly about anyone, this reduces and can even remove completely the evil eye’s ability to come close to you.

Daily protection against the evil eye & Protecting yourself Daily against other peoples negative energy. 

  • While taking your morning shower imagine a column of white golden light completely surrounding you extending 6 feet above you and 6 feel below you and extending 6 feet either side from your finger tips if your arms where extended. Of course you don’t need to be in the shower to do this I just like to be time efficient. 
  • If lightWeb activated connect to the LightWeb and ask for the LightWeb to protect you from negative energies by surrounding you in the highest vibrations this day. For your LightWeb Activation find info on it in my 333Magic course
  • Keep a clear Quartz in your pocket with the intention of amplifying your protection. 
  • A piece of labradorite can act a a psychic filter, filtering out harmful energies.
  • The main trick here is to top up regularly be asking for angelic help and visualising the golden white light energy around you. 

The biggest protection against the evil eye is our own behaviour, if you choose to live our lives in such a way, we choose to not think ill of others that negative energy can not gain a foot hold  in our own lives that’s is the ultimate way to protect oneself.

Other top tips;

  • Use the Violet Flame to clear unwanted energy
  • Send blessing balls of light 
  • Practice Zero Fucks instead of getting your energy entangled up in someone else.  

All these additional practices can be found in my 333Magic course

 I hope you have found these super useful.... 

In Divine Service....

Joanna Xx



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