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Are you ready to ditch the Struggle and 

rise in consciousness?

To Create a Life & Spiritual Business that 

Works On Every Level!

Hi, I am Joanna...

I am a no BS spiritual life and business coach, the UK's leading spiritual business strategist,  a channel for the collective known as Skylar and the High Priestess of the LightWeb™ a soul based technology that will change your life 

My Soul Mission has always been to raise the vibration & consciousness of the planet and if you're here then I have a feeling it's yours too:

-You know you were meant for more!

- You have BIG Dreams & Soul callings to unfold!

- You are ready to step up to your divine mission, you just lack the 'how'...

...That's where my magic comes in....

I Work On 3 Principles...

  1. 1
     Everything is energy, therefore all life's problems & solutions are energy too! 
  2. 2
    Your internal, abundant source connection contains the solutions for every issue your life will ever have!
  3. 3
    You are not broken, you don't need fixing and if your life is not working its because you need help reconnecting!

-It's time to get Source Connected!

 Client Love....



"I would definitely recommend Joanna to anyone who wants to mix practical business skills with the spiritual aspect to keep their energy high, and work with the law of attraction to manifest their goals.

She's an awesome mix of woo woo with practical, and that's really rare!"

 Wolf & Tara

"Coach Jo tapped us into the soul of our business in our very first call. She shattered the illusions of what we thought our company needed to be and rooted us into the core of what it truly was.

Then she masterfully guided us through placing structure on our now solid foundation.

 Meike Haisenko

"333Magic was unbelievable. Connecting to source on such a deep level was fantastic, I learned a lot and healed a lot more. Absolutely would recommend it! Best course I had invested in for a long time - basically life changing! 

I can hear source clearly now - it's like having conversation! " 


Join The Worlds Largest  Metaphysical Experiment 


My Million Dollar Experiment  : We are asking the question;

Can mindset and intuition training plus a million dollar plan make you a millionaire in just one year? 

Get Selfish- The Way Is Through

We are taught and conditioned from an early age that looking after yourself, putting yourself first is selfish.... 

I want to call BS on this notion.... It took collapsing of multiple organ failure (you can read more on this here)  to make me realise, if we don't put ourselves first then there is nothing left to give to ... anyone!

"Self Love is Not Selfish"

In my book Get Selfish - The way is through
I share 7 power steps to deeply reconnect you with yourself, resulting in you finally plugging your lack cycle by reconnecting YOU with your Source within, so you become an unstoppable force for change in your life!

Your source connection begins & ends with you! 

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