YOUnity Consciousness is YOU in Unity with your body, your mind, your spirit and with Source.


Next live round begins 5th February 2024

Your patterns are creating your reality...

I want to help you out of the loop of two steps forward and three steps back. You work hard but you often feel drained, tired and you sometimes even like to torture yourself by saying you'll get a real J-O-B or give up on the entrepreneurial dream altogether.

Your emotions seem like they are this tiny sail boat, getting flung around on the seven seas, catching huge waves only to be plunged to the depths again and again. Quite frankly you have started asking yourself how much more of this you can handle? It's time to Return to Wholeness.


Karla Kopp

-YOUnity Student-

"I loved the processes in each section. I loved the Sacred Self Union Power statement as I was having challenges at the time and it was empowering to move through it. I would absolutely recommend it! So many great tools to get your mind moving with your heart and spirit into a life you love." 


Join this very special lifetime access course.

YOUnity Consciousness inner power that creates an unshakable foundation on which you can build anything by changing the energy you operate from to a much higher consciousness.

One that is supportive of your life and business!

Next live round begins 5th February 2024


It's time to create YOUnity within...


4 Modules of YOUnity

Lets take a deep dive into the 4 modules of YOUnity


Module 1: The End of Struggle  

In this module we learn to end the energy that is keeping you stuck, small, in lack cycles. We identify all the areas where you leak your energy and give your power away so we can take it back - this spells the end for the energy that is causing ALL the problems you encounter, whatever they may be.  We break up with drama in a way that will have Taylor Swift singing about it!


Module 2: Sacred Self-Union

In this module we grow YOUR unshakable foundation with a Sacred Self-Union activation- we dive deep into a supportive universe, we begin to weave the magic inside you into a new reality filled with what you need- we teach you to open up your energy conduits to what you desire.


Module 3: Super Alignment

In this module we create the alignment that puts you on the super highway to success. I will show you a tool that will have your intuition super sized in no time and able to get clear guidance from source any time you desire- now that's a skill you can take to the bank!


Module 4: Set The Self-Love Standard

In this module we set a new Self-Love standard for your life and we invite the universe to meet you at this higher standard.  We create a simple tool to help you stay energy positive, stop you from going into an energy deficit (the cause of your problems) and we activate your inner truth to shine- Hello magnetic alignment!

YOUnity is a beautiful healing course if you are willing to put the energy, tears, and 'work' into yourself. The investment in yourself is priceless, especially when you have the opportunity to repeat the course to gain more insight in yourself each and every time! I have become more and more empowered, soul aligned, proactive (instead of reactive) to my environment, intuition has returned, and so much more. It was not always pretty during the journey, but it was a journey worth taking to discover and heal myself. Without the guidance of Joanna, I am not sure if I would be living the amazing life that I am creating.
I would not be able to truly enjoy my family as a soul based being to express the love that I have within me.

Tara Stieh
- Coach


YOUnity has helped me in releasing responsibility over other people's lives and taking charge and responsibility over my own life which is becoming life changing. 2 weeks since the course finished and I am already conscious of when I am about to do something that takes away someone's power and change my response. Also i find myself in full charge of my life and owing that power, getting out of the blame game and being responsible of my choices. I know that as time goes by I will notice more shifts. Thank you Joanna for helping us grow and shift and making us want to be a better version of ourselves each and every day. I would definitely recommend YOUnity.

Janu Mahtani 
  - Akashic Records Healer

YOUnity is a powerful course, the first module completely blew my mind and shifted my energy. It's a foundational course that felt like the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Whatever the level you're at, the foundations of YOUnity principles are essentia

Elena Teneriello
  - Transformational Coach



We have some amazing bonuses

3 amazing bonuses for joining us in YOUnity...

Bonus 1
Journal Prompts  

You will receive a set of powerful journal prompts and mantras that are tried tested and designed to shift your vibration fast.

These powerful mantra's align your energy with the purpose of your soul and source energy. The journal prompts will help you clear the debris of old energy that is keeping you stuck! 

Bonus 2
13 BeMagic Insights

As a welcome gift, we will share with you Skylar's 13 BeMagic channeled insights. These are each a portal for higher consciousness living and deeper source connection. 

I will also share a LightWeb Soul Technology tool that will powerfully shift your reality and aid your spiritual evolution.

Bonus 3
Group Energy Clearing 

We will create a powerful energy clearing - to help you clear your money blocks and invite your money to show up for you in greater and more potent ways.

The clearing will be recorded and you will get the recording to listen to any time you need to activate your money mojo.

About The Course Teacher,  Joanna Hunter

Joanna was born with her spiritual gifts switched on, which made for a very character building childhood. Her life has been an unfolding of a massive spiritual journey in fulfilling her soul's purpose. 

For Joanna, the spiritual discoveries she has made, with the aid of her spirit team Skylar, have been life changing. Not only for her, but also for her many clients and students. 


What is YOUnity Consciousness?

We are conditioned from an early age to self-sacrifice, to put others first, that self-care is self-indulgent at best and downright selfish at worst... this all leads to 

Lack Consciousness

These falsehoods do not support the REAL reality that the universe is infinitely abundant, so we enter into the lack cycle and begin to experience the symptoms of this cycle; judgement, drama, lack of time, money, love, stress, doubt and worry... it doesn't take long before we start to not feel good about ourselves and that once confident inner child is 

shrouded in darkness.

Some of us even experience this as anxiety and depression. 

What it has really done is created a division INSIDE between YOU and the SOURCE of the infinitely abundant universe, so you can no longer access your birthright of the storehouse of the cosmos as a co-creator of your reality.

YOUnity Consciousness

is a return to wholeness. It is a return to YOUnity with Source through YOUnity with yourself.

It is a healing at a deep inner level to heal the core wound from which all of your problems stem from- your division with source energy.

It's a return to the Light within   

Next live round begins 5th February 2024

VIP +Life Time Access Course

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  • Lifetime Access 
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  • 3 Amazing Bonuses
  • 3 x 1:1 sessions 


Payment plan available.

Rewrite Your Story VIP

  • 4 live calls with Joanna Hunter
  • Lifetime Access 
  • Online course materials
  • Facebook group for the duration of the course
  • 3 Amazing Bonuses
  • LightWeb course Included Value $2,222
  • 6 Months coaching & Voxer access (2 sessions a month) 


Payment plan available.


It's time to return to wholeness

Who is this for?

  • You want to create an unshakable core of confidence, self-belief and trust inside 
  • You are ready to do some deeper inner work and shed the energy that is keeping you stuck
  • You want to feel your life is a beautiful co-creation, not a drama filled struggle, to create your dreams
    You are READY to ditch the excuses & with my help, create a radical honesty inside your energy field
  • You want to commit to Self-Love, feeling good and pulling your desires through from a place of ease, joy and flow 
    You desire YOUnity with Source Energy and a return to feeling whole and complete!