Instant access courses for your magical journey 

Welcome to our instant access school of Magic 

These short courses are portals of Magic, leading into extraordinary changes to help you attune your knowing, wisdom and magic to gain valuable insights in life and business.  

Angels and guides meditation

Are you connected to your Angels and Guides?

 Connecting can be tricky at first, which is why I've designed an Angels and Guides meditation, filled with guided meditations to strengthen your connections!


Take a Journey to the Akashic Records hall and read your spiritual resume in this guided meditation.

Never doubt your spiritual abilities again - you have been doing this work in lifetimes.

Empath Training

Learn to master your empathic abilities and how to shield so you no longer absorb other peoples vibrations.


If you have ever felt that your fears have run the show, those internal thoughts of Eeek! I can’t do this, or who am I to do this? Know you have experienced the effects of the ShadowWeb,

In this training we shatter the distortions of the ShadowWeb

I am the Head Mistress here at the BeMagic School. My vision for this BeMagic school is that it becomes a place of great resources for you to tap into any time you need.  

  • We have classes on magical tools such as Empath Training, Meditations, Tarot and more... 
  • Channeled teachings that will blow your mind on subjects like Success and Receiving.  
  • Take soul journeys with us into Stargate Portals, filled with sacred wisdom.  
  • Everything here is designed to bite-sized and super easy to access.  
  • When you are ready for more, we have LIVE classes in our THE 100 Year for you to join. 

Whatever stage you are in your journey, we have something for you!

Exploring your inner magic can be one of the most rewarding and challenging journeys any human takes in  life. As life-long medium and spiritual teacher of 25 years, I have dedicated my life to making this process as fun and enjoyable as possible for my students.

- Joanna Hunter  



A Seven Day Bootcamp to open up your channels of receiving more in life and business. Are you open to receiving?  


This Masterclass gives you everything you have ever needed to Design, Make & Sell your very own Oracle Deck...

I share everything from my experience of creating 3 decks and that of my clients who have successfully created and sold many of their own decks.


Success codes are 3 incredible transmissions from the Codex of Light. They contain the codes to success: 1. The Base Code. 2. Freedom from the Ego traps 3. The Crucible of evolution - each priced at $222, each transmission is 2 hours long or buy all for $555 save $111


This LIVE transmission will happen on the 5th Jan and you will get lifetime access to the recording.

This is going to be juicy AF as we delve deep into breaking the poverty codes and what creates lack so that we can understand it and reverse it to begin to create abundance 

Education is the single most valuable tool in creating the life you desire. It's not that you can't be a millionaire, it's just you may not know how yet and self-led education will take you there- everytime!

- Joanna Hunter


When you join The Temple, you'll receive:

  • Monthly Ezine with magical dates and healing insights
  • Monthly live LightWeb healing with me, on a different topic each month
  • Weekly Card pull - to have a look at the energies of the week ahead
  • Weekly healing requests for body, mind, spirit or your loved ones
  • High vibe FB community full of like minded women working on healing their lives and living all out!
  • Regular monthly challenges like our gratitude challenge or our up current 'De-clutter' challenge

Desire a Longer Journey with me?

I love helping spiritual women embrace a deeper magic:

  • You want to go deep in your inner magic to create the life you desire. 
  • You ready for massive evolution and growth 
  • You want a more support to excellorate that growth
  • You an experienced guide to help you evolve like never before!
  •  You love all the things and want to code for huge results! 

1:1 coaching or our Live courses might be exactly  what you are looking for ...

-Let's do this!

BeMagic Women...