Your Soul is Calling But are you picking up?

Somewhere amidst the chaos and demands of everyday life, you have somehow found yourself waiting, maybe not even consciously...waiting for things to get better, waiting for times to change, waiting for something to come along to make it all okay... leaving you feeling disillusioned and disconnected from your own magic and the magic of life, and left wondering if somehow your 'Hogwarts' letter just got lost in the mail...

But the person you have been waiting on is YOU! 

  •  Honey, the knight in shinning armour has not been working since the late 1500's .
  • The lotto has a 1 in 15million chance of coming good for you, that my dear is not a game plan for life!
  • I am pretty sure you are not Warren Buffet's love child, so the chances of a big inheritance or daddy bailing you out just got bleaker!  

It's Time to..

Create the energetics required for FINANCIAL freedom 

Step Into a Magical World of Being...

Soul Led

We will teach you how to tap deeply into the guidance of your own soul and how to hear its guidance clearly.  


Let us teach you how to not only align to your goals, but to become magnetic to them, as a super attractor.

In Sourced

With Skylar's teachings we will go deep into being 'in-sourced' where your power lives v's out sourced.


Stop waiting on the world's magic and let us show you how to access your own and express it in your everyday.

It's time....

It’s time to let go of that part of you that is playing small, that part of you that is hoping that something is going to come along and save the day.

In Be Your Own Rescue I will  teach you how to walk a path of pure self-leadership. Enter the great exchange with the Universe so that you can start to be divinely compensated for the work that sets your soul on fire

Soul aligned abundance is your birthright, let me teach you how to master your frequency, empower your vibration and embody your freedom! 

What is it like to embody Mastery, Empowerment and Freedom? 
  • MASTERY - I choose myself. I choose to take radical responsibility for my results in life and I stop empowering others to have a say whether I succeed or not. I stop giving my power away to an outside source, I master my FREQUENCY. This can be tricky to do if no-one has ever shown you how. 
  • EMPOWERMENT - I empower myself to lead me where I want to go in life! I AM self-led. No more living life on 'hope-ium', I have shifted into making bold moves and actual steps towards my goals and dreams. I am betting on myself and going all-in. I switch my MAGNETISM ON! People & my goals become magnetised to me!
  • FREEDOM - As the embodied custodian of my self, I know without a shadow of doubt, I am the channel for money, I have agency over my money, thus greater agency over my freedom. My Freedom in life is not contingent on what the outer world is doing, I am INSOURCED, tapped into my deepest magic and soul led.... I AM the channel of MY Financial FREEDOM!


What's Included: 

  • 9 Powerful Channeled Modules
  • Powerful Energy Activations with Joanna & Skylar
  •  Workbook to shift your mindset & go deep
  • Simple videos with powerful insights to shift your vibe
  • Online Course access 24/7
  • Group access, for support with Joanna Hunter
  •  Live Group calls
  •  Lifetime access 

Hi, I'm Joanna 

Everything I teach is channelled from the collective consciousness Skylar. These teachings are tried and tested, first by me, then by my Vip 1:1 clients and only then do I teach them to a wider audience. This means that I teach only from the energy of KNOWING. Knowing that the courses I have created are filled with tried tested and loved information, that has made a real difference and gotten real results.
Be Your Own Rescue is the the set of teachings where I personally learned to, become a powerful leader in my own life, heal my relationship with money and learned the essential skills that allowed me to create a million dollar life and Be My Own Rescuer!

What our students have to say...

Joanna’s Be Your Own Rescue has given me the understanding, awareness, acknowledgment, owning and permission tools to see my thoughts and actions in the clearest yet non-judgmental and loving way to change my life. It’s like a mirror of myself that was a bit steamed up in places has been polished and is now crystal clear. I’m seeing what is really there. That’s awesome. -


So many ah ha moments. BYOR gives a solid framework to take control and move towards the life you truly desire. Joanna, you next levelled the course this year! 10/10 

Kerry M - Coach 

In the first round of BYOR, I completed the course and decided to be my own rescue. I looked differently at how events occurred in my life and I took control. In the second round, it helped me greatly to stay on course and remember to trust myself, that I can trust myself to take control and rescue myself. I love you get life time access. 

H Sah - Channel

9 Powerful
Modules for creating the energetics
For FINANCIAL freedom:  

  • The 'Soultion'- understanding your current reality so we can release it 
  • A new reality- Creating new timelines, for a new reality
  • Keys to freedom- Activating your compass  of Freedom, as a new true north  
  • THE ONE- Going deep into personal power v's circumstantial power 
  • Unlock the block- Unlocking the real enemy and releasing it
  • The Vehicle- creating your the Vehicle for real change
  • Frequency- Master your frequency & magnetic attraction 
  • Magic- master your magic, speak prophecy into your life
  • Flow- Enter the co-creative flow in your life, & be the channel 

Financial Freedom Starts as a Mindset first

Be Your Own Rescue - is more than a course, it's an energy, a vibration & frequency. I's a transmission of Light that, when embodied, will heal your SOUL relationship.
This is the relationship responsible for your personal power, the relationship that gives you access to your inner abundance flow & outer magnetism, the relationship
that creates the soul leadership in life & business.    

In this course you will learn to:

  • Activate your inner soul guidance
  • Activate new expansive timelines  
  • Activate your personal power
  • Shift your vibration and frequency
  • Shift your current reality matrix   
  • Shift your money consciousness  
  • Clear the patterns that keep you stuck
  • Clear the energy that slows you down 
  • Clear the road to your goals 
  • Embody your self belief to new levels 
  • Embody your internal magnetic power
  • Embody unstoppable focus for your will to be done

Join us

The most important thing for me was the idea of timelines, and really understanding that the reality already exists, I am just not yet on the timeline of it. I found this created enormous freedom within me, after the course I felt Inspired, Encouraged, Excited about life. 10/10

Jane Duncan Rogers

I had been doing the self work for 3 years before I found BYOR - and yes, I healed so much but there was still so much self doubt and I was still looking for rescue from myself. I was looking for rescue with a relationship and with money. BYOR was like a beacon of light into my soul. My life has truly never been the same. 10/10

Anne Almeida
Spiritual Life Coach & Healer

We are not for everyone

This may seem an odd thing to see on a sales page, but here at Joanna Hunter HQ we believe in full upfront transparency. Our programs are deeply spiritual in nature, yet grounded in and connected into the physical world. This allows you to give real-world application to deep spiritual concepts and metaphysical insights. We fully acknowledge that this approach may not be for everyone but it is important to us that you get the best possible experience, so as a minimum standard we require students of this program to :

  • Bee spiritually open to metaphysical concepts 
  • Be willing to take radical personal responsibility for themselves, with our guidance 
  • Be open to trusting a process, and be willing to change as a result
  •  Be willing to be part of the solution in their own lives with our help and expertise
  • Understand that metaphysical mastery is not something you do once, but a deep commitment to a pathway for evolution and growth over a lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions


A. We welcome each student in with a personal email- your Academy purchase is important to us. In the email you will get instructions on how to access the academy and FB group where we will also welcome you in as a person, not a number. 


A. "Being Your Own Rescue" refers to taking personal responsibility and embracing self-leadership to achieve personal fulfilment and abundance, rather than relying on external factors or other problems to solve one's problems or fulfil one's desires. 

It's about reclaiming your power and stepping up for yourself because YOU are the common denominator in your life.


A. The course provides practical tools and teachings to help individuals break free from patterns of relying on others for fulfilment or solutions, empowering them to embrace self-reliance and personal empowerment.

 Through our Mastery - Empowerment - Freedom framework, we will help to rebuild your self-relationship so that you can stop relying on others for rescue and instead help yourself climb down from that princess tower! You don't need a prince charming to do it for you!!


A. You get lifetime access. Once the course is fully paid for, it's yours for life! If we upgrade the the course you will get FREE upgrades. Plus all LIVE rounds or course LIVE streams are included 

Q: Can I upgrade to the BEMagic Academy later if I buy just this course?

A. If at a later date you wish to upgrade to the BeMagic Academy you can do so and the amount you have paid for Be Your Own Rescue will go towards the cost of the Academy, you never pay twice for one of our courses. 

Q. I have other courses from Joanna will this be a duplication of information?

A. Everything Joanna Teaches is channeled from the collective consciousness Skylar, their overarching teaching is to Become Magic (BeMagic). Each course is designed by them to be stand alone but also to work together to create a full picture of YOUnity consciousness, YOU as a unified being of source energy while in human form= BeMagic.

The YOUnity Framework consist of 4 pillars:


Skylar's 4 main teachings that are included in the BeMagic academy are layered to create a complete system for navigating life and spiritual business. The Be Your Own Rescue course is the teachings of the SOUL and is designed to compliment all of the other teachings.     

Got more questions?

Got a question that's not been answered here? Feel free to contact Team Hunter who will be happy to help.
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