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Be Your Own Rescue

-Learn to step up like never before

  • Do you play the lottery hoping that winning will change your life? 
  • Do you find yourself secretly pissed at your partner or lack of partner for not being a zillionaire? 
  • Do you dream of something coming into your life to change it for the better?  

Yes? Gorgeous it's time to ....

....Be Your Own Rescue

​The universe is not sending rescue anytime soon because ​YOU are more than ENOUGH to do the job yourself... Let me show you HOW!

Webinar Date & Time:

Sun 22nd Sept / 8pm UK time

3pm EST, 12pm PST, 5am AEST next day

Webinar Date & Time:

Mon 23rd Sept / 8pm UK Time      

3pm EST, 12pm PST, 5am AEST next day

Webinar Date & Time:

Tue 24th Sept / 8pm UK Time

3pm EST, 12pm PST, 5am AEST next day

About Joanna Hunter

Joanna Is a spiritual life and business coach, with 20 years business experience, a life long medium Joanna has the ability to see energy which gives her a serious advantage when working with her life and business business clients.  

In this FREE training series

You'll learn...

Webinar One: You will learn the Be Your Own Rescue - Framework. What's required to change your life. 3 secrets that will game change LIFE. 

Webinar Two: We will examine the mindset needed and what really stands in YOUR way to being your own rescue -Plus you will learn the best vehicle for RESCUE!

Webinar Three: YOU will learn how to create a winning lottery ticket that pays out year after year while changing not only YOUR world but the WORLD! 

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