Let us share our mission and vision with you

We here at BeMagic HQ are dedicated to raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet  activating one human at a time.   

Are you ready to ditch the Struggle and rise in consciousness?

 The Boss Sent Me to You... 

My clients call me the perfect combination of Woo Woo and practical business savvy and know-how... 

...I like to think spirit trained me just for YOU! 

If you are reading this, chances are you have a massive soul mission- that means we have the same boss;

The Universe! 

Deep down you know you were meant for more, who better than to walk alongside you than a psychic business coach with 23+ years actual real business experience, that is fluent in business and marketing but also equally fluent in woo woo, energy and all things spiritual!  That me and my Team 

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Meet The BeMagicTeam


CFO & Tech Wizard 


Paul is our Chief financial Officer, head wizard of all things tech. He helps with everything from managing our accounts department to tech gremlins to mercury retrograde shenanigans.

Joannas Spirit Team 


Skylar are the collective consciousness Joanna channels they, are in the service of the codex of light for the ascension of humanity. The wisdom they share through Joanna is profound and life changing.    

Customer Relations 


Ellen is our Social Media, content and customer service Angel all rolled into one heaven sent package. Here to help our clients have a phenomenal experience. Ellen is also  studying psychology at University.

Head of Gifting


Marie Louise is our Head of Gifting,  make sure our VIP get beautiful gifts. Marie- Louise is also Joanna's Mum so who else would take such care and attention over our gifts.   

Our BeMagic Vision

To bring back Magic to planet Earth 

To bring back Magic to planet Earth, one individual at a time by sharing the teachings of Skylar and calling into being a new paradigm through teachings from the Codex of Light, the Magic of YOUnity Consciousness that will end suffering in our physical world, by the complete empowerment of the individuals that inhabit her. 

Our BeMagic Mission

The activation of Magic 

To be such a bright light that we empower, uplift and raise the vibration of the planet through unparalleled education in source connection and spiritual business expansion which speaks directly to an individuals soul.

To build a community of change makers that understand the importance of an empowered YOUnity consciousness and share our common goal of raising the vibration of the planet into higher consciousness by being the change we wish to see in the world.

- Because that's the world we want to live in!

Our Work... 

  • Skylar

  • YOUnity

  • 3 PRINCipals  


Skylar are a collective consciousness that Joanna channels. They number in the millions and are the un-incarnated members of Joanna’s soul tribe moving into a state of coalescence, which when complete will signal the ascension of the human collective. Their wisdom is loving, confronting and expansive; they are in the service of bringing YOUnity to Earth and ending suffering on the planet by bringing back the magic of our soul’s truth.

Who we work with...  

It's important to us that we sell our coaching and courses with upfront integrity, therefore, we don't work with everyone - we only work with students and clients who have a spiritual outlook on life, who are ready to do the inner work to reach their magic - the people who are willing to step up and be the leader of their lives, be brave and have courage as they face the ShadowWeb of their egos to rise in sovereign power... 

Let's create Magic!

Either you own the energy or the energy owns you 

- Skylar

 Magical Client Love...


"Joanna changed my life! My entire life and how I approach and live it has changed. I am in control of my thoughts and not only how I feel but what I can experience every single day. I will use the tools I have learnt for the rest of my life

I would definitely recommend Joanna to others."



"I would definitely recommend Joanna to anyone who wants to mix practical business skills with the spiritual aspect to keep their energy high, and work with the law of attraction to manifest their goals.

She's an awesome mix of woo woo with practical, and that's really rare!"

 Wolf & Tara

"Coach Jo tapped us into the soul of our business in our very first call. She shattered the illusions of what we thought our company needed to be and rooted us into the core of what it truly was.

Then she masterfully guided us through placing structure on our now solid foundation.