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The 'Daily Light Affirmation Deck' presents a visually stunning collection curated by Joanna Hunter, featuring 60 of her favorite affirmations designed to elevate consciousness and inspire. This beautifully crafted deck serves as an invitation to delve into higher states of awareness. 

  • 60 powerful affirmations to shift your consciousness 
  • Gilt edges on cards 
  • Supplied in sturdy box
  • Each card bares a different 'portal' design
  • 2 additional cards with instructions 

The Daily Light Gratitude Journal is a stunning visual experience with 200 vibrant pages, featuring beautiful imagery, gold foil edges, and a luxurious hardcover. Shine Daily Light into your world with this gorgeous Gratitude Journal.

  • Stunning Gratitude Journal 
  • Hardback cover, with golden page edges 
  • 5 Powerful sections to up level your gratitude game
  • Sliken Bookmark, to easily keep your place
  • Full colour inside, with quotes & affirmations

β€œTo the Light Seekers and Light Players of this world,
may this be a portal into new and exciting worlds
of infinite possibilities, magic and lots of Daily Light!”
-Joanna Hunter

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Meet the Author & Artist

Author - Joanna Hunter

Joanna Hunter, is the author of several books, an international Metaphysical Teacher, Author, Speaker, and Channel for the transcendent collective consciousness known as Skylar, she is on a soulful mission. She's here to weave the teachings of Skylar into the fabric of Earth, reviving magic, abundance, and a profound connection to Source. Joanna brings a refreshing, no-nonsense approach, often hailed as the most down-to-earth "woo" coach you'll ever encounter.

Gratitude & affirmations are two of Joanna's favourite ways to powerful shift your consciousness into deeper source alignment. 

Artist- Stephanie Wicker Campbell 

Come meet Stephanie, not only is she an amazing graphic artist base in Australia, Stephanie is also the founder and owner of Muse Oracle Publishing house who are the publishers behind the Daily Light Affirmation Deck & Gratitude Journal.  

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