Healing With Joanna

5th Dimensional Healing to help you unlock your blocks & clear the distortions that hold you back.

Healing Process Explained:

My spirit team Skylar : "All healing is brought about through consciousness. The vibration of wellness is a consciousness and is attained when an internal agreement is made inside the organism that is deserving or worthy of this. The moment that internal agreement is reached, all of creation rejoices as another aspect of the one source has returned home to the one source. Therefore we must impart these two truths: 

  1. All healing is self healing- the guide or healer only guides you to your own sovereign truth that you have forgotten. 
  2. Once you heal from something you become a walking portal for the codes that facilitated the healing, you will hold the blueprint for others to heal as you have done.   

Healing with Joanna & Skylar 

We (Skylar) guide Joanna's session from a place of higher consciousness. Joanna becomes a conduit and a channel for codes of healing to remove blocks and distortions in your energy. We guide her words to lead you to the place deep within you where you can let go of your vows and agreements with the distortion or block, and become free to flow your natural state of being once more, source energy.  

Your Soul Knows 

Your soul already knows the way to shed your biggest blocks and heal your deepest distortions.

What I do as a LightWeb Priestess is help the human part of you see it's own divine truth and align with it once more in a 5th Dimensional Healing session that speaks directly to your soul, re-coding you for a higher dimension of energy.

I help your cells remember you have been born worthy and no force in this universe can ever change that. 

Healing Sessions 


Unlock what blocks you- LightWeb teaches us that blocks are in fact locks- potential that has been locked up until such time the 'key' unlocks the (B)lock. LightWeb is like the master key for every block you will ever have. 


Clear your distortions- You are a being of pure source energy - a sovereign creator force in this universe, when life becomes hard or a struggle you don't cease being who you are, you simply see a distorted reality - we help you clear it, so more of your light shines through. 


Re-connect your power -The root of every problem you will ever face is your disconnection from source energy. LightWeb healing helps you at a deep level to disconnect from the void, the origin of your problems, lack and struggle, and reconnect to SOURCE, the one energy from which all life springs from.

Private Healing Session 

1:1 LightWeb healing sessions with the High Priestess of the LightWeb Joanna Hunter is a unique experience that offers deep healing of blocks and distortions to your energy field.

No two sessions are ever the same, completely guided by source. Divine channel Joanna guides you into a deep healing state to remove the distortions that are keeping you from experiencing the fullness of your light.

Investment is $1,111 - we have limited availability click the link to contact the team. 

  • 60min session but allow for up to 90min as we are on spirit's time
  • In-person Channeled session
  • Video Zoom Session

Monthly LightWeb Group Healing

Become a Temple Sister join us for a monthly group sessions and enjoy the wisdom of our healing TEMPLE.  12 Healing session and a years access to the Facebook group containing the replays and much more.... 

What my soul-aligned clients are saying...

Joanna is a clear Chanel of the light, a true healer. She knows what she is doing. I would absolutely recommend her to other people.

T. Ekelin

Master Mind Healing Academy

Joanna is one of the most purest lights I know. I found it hard to find anyone that I trust with my healing. Joanna is IT so far. I would 100% recommend her to anyone with complete faith. 

Cindy Valero


This was a powerful healing session. During the session I felt my energy shifting. By the end, my energy felt more peaceful & my body felt more at ease, less hyper-vigilant. I would definitely recommend this to others!

Sarah Marcotte


A very powerful healing session where I felt my energy changing and I also uncovered important insights.  I would highly recommend a session.



Soul Technology


Upgrade from 3D to 5D consciousness

with our channeled LightWeb course

 The LightWeb activations are amazing. My intuition and psychic abilities increased. I feel so expanded and see the infinite possibilities. Joanna is a lovely teacher and offers incredible support. It's one of the only courses that I fully completed and wouldn't want to stop! I would definitely recommend it.

Elena Teneriello