Soul Technology

Heal your life, to change your life

A Sacred invite to The Temple 

This is an invite to go on a deep inner journey, to enter the realm of the inner worlds and heal - we work on 3 sacred principles:  

    Everything is energy:  Everything is energy, therefore all life's problems & solutions are energy too! No matter how complex the problem, it is still just energy at the end of the day.   
    Source connection is the 'Soultion: Your own internal, abundant Source connection contains the solutions for every issue your life will ever have or you will ever face.  
    You are not broken: You are not broken, you don't need fixing and if your life is not working its because you need help reconnecting and realigning with your sovereignty as an extension of source energy. All that is required is healing.  


We help you harness these principles to help you HEAL from the inside out, creating the life you desire, one incredible increment at a time, one healing at time, one sacred alignment at time... 

The Temple with Joanna Hunter

Join our sisterhood of modern mystics for 12 months in The Temple. Every month you will have access to a LIVE LightWeb Group Healing Session plus access to all this:

What's included in The Temple:

  • Join us every month for a LIVE LightWeb Group Healing Session (held on Zoom)
  • Monthly Temple Ezine - our Modern Mystic's guide to all the magical dates and insights for the month ahead
  • The Temple Facebook Community - our place for all things magic, woo and Source
  • Library of LightTools™ to help you heal and navigate life
  • Library of healing sessions, energy clearings and activations for the challenges of life
  • Library of channeled conversations with my spirit team Skylar
  • Habit Trackers, Goals setting tools, planner you name it we got it. 

Are you ready to heal? 

The Temple is not a place for:
  • "Muggles" not even if your Harry Potter's biggest fan
  • Those not ready for deep work to change or transform
  • The unwilling to move beyond excuses, limits and internal stories that hold you stuck.  

How a LightWeb Healing Session Works 

What our TEMPLE Sisters Have to say...

A Group Healing Session with Joanna is like being bundled up in a warm blankie of glowing light and handed a cup of tea, but instead of that cup of tea, its actually all the powers of the universe waiting inside.

Though the energy is intense, Joanna expertly holds the container and leads us all easily through each stage.

Nicole Russo De Souza

I feel this was the best session so far. The light language causes my body to physically react, like a twitching - always love when it comes through.

I would definitely recommend one of these healing sessions to someone who is open to deep, guided meditation.

L. Pancheri

I love the LightWeb healing sessions with Joanna. She introduces each session with care and provides some juicy journaling prompts.

I always go deep when in meditation and healing with Joanna. Her words resonate on such a deep, subconscious level, I am always excited to see what unfolds in the weeks following.

Bella Luna



What's inside...

The Healings

Monthly LightWeb® healings on a different topic each month + Past healing recordings. You can request weekly healing.  


Library of channeled conversations with Skylar - recordings with mind-blowing answers that will speak to your soul. 

The Library 

The Library contains past LightWeb® healings and loads of Light Tools to make sure your journey to happiness and abundance effortless

card pulls 

We start each week with card of the week and we do. Personal impromptu card pulls in the group. Magic insights for Magic people!

Light tools

We heal and expand in layers with our LightTools™  your journey will be easier as we share tips and ways to navigate daily life for more happiness and abundance. 

My Million Dollar Experiment

For 2023 YOU will have access to my Million Dollar experience content - the experiment that created 11 millionaires!  

E -zine 

Enjoy a monthly Ezine with Magical dates and healing insights for the month ahead, journal prompts to help you go deep in our healing.  


Regular challenges to help you attune to vibes like feeling enough, abundance or gratitude or just to help you have a good o'l declutter.  


There's so many magical things inside THE TEMPLE like habit trackers, checklist, tips and tricks to help you manifest the life you desire. 


Pay monthly




What our clients say about the healings....

The healing topics and the healing process are gentle layers that go profoundly deep they are user friendly in multiple places within one’s soul to heal not only the present - they address past lives healing’s underlying issues too I’ve received great value because of them
-thank you

Carol Wachniak-
 Midwife of Dreams

This season released so much guilt and shame. I felt calm, centred and very alive afterwards. I now have a clearer understanding of my purpose and role in serving others. I am full of energy and more connected to spirit than I have been in a long time. Absolutely recommend this for everyone. Thank you Joanna and Skylar


I love being in the temple to have access to Joannas regular monthly healing sessions and the past healings on all the categories she's already run healings for.
There is something for every type of issue you may have and a new one comes each month.

Vandra Stenton
- Abundant Heart Life Coach