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Catch Joanna & Skylar Live


FREE MAsterclass - Through the Looking Glass

ONLINE - Tuesday 1st August - 7pm (UK BST)

Through the looking glass into the astral realm - take a walk on the Light side with Joanna as she teaches you about the magic of the Akashic Record halls and share how you could to develop your gifts of mediumship to explore the records with confidence.  

LightWeb Group Healing Session - Healing Your Future

ONLINE on Zoom - Thursday 10th August - 3pm (UK BST)

In this LightWeb healing we will work on healing future timelines in the present moment to lay down powerful energy for who you are becoming and what will unfold for you next. 

Akashic REcords Certification Course

ONLINE- Monday 14th - Friday 25th August - 10 group calls & case studies

Akashic Records is a powerful multidimensional healing modal. In this certification program, we teach you how to read and heal the Akashic Records for yourself and your clients. PLUS we share simple business practices to help YOU build your business with Akashic Records. 


ONLINE on Zoom - Thursday 31st August - 11am (UK BST)

Every month inside my Divine Planning Abundant Profits Academy I hold a group coaching call where you can ask me questions on your business and Skylar and I will diagnose any misaligned energy in your business. 


FREE 3-day MAsterclass - Own it

ONLINE - Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th September - 7pm (UK BST) each day

Join my mailing list where you'll get our weekly newsletter, offers via email and access to my 'Own It' masterclass for FREE! Own it in business! Take your business to the next level and create a life by design. Sign up below and join this epic FREE 3-day Masterclass! 

LightWeb Group Healing Session - Stuck Patterns

ONLINE on Zoom - Thursday 14th September - 11am (UK BST)

Urgh the total frustration of feeling stuck will come to a grinding halt in this powerful energy clearing session of clearing out stuck energy that we may be hanging on to. Let's unstick those patterns that no longer serve us. 


LIVE in person 16th-17th September - 10am-5pm Inverness 

There is nothing like live-vibes to inspire and create your next level! Join me in at my home in Inverness, Scotland for some Goddesses in Business MAGIC! On Saturday 16th we will dive deep into your business goals and help you unfold your highest business timelines, and Sunday 17th will be a day of releasing old energy and invoking inner magic!

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ONLINE - Starts Wednesday 20th September 2023

Join incredible DPAP Alumni - in this life and game-changing multi-course Academy learn our super simple CORE business system to help you build massive momentum in your spiritual biz: 8 Powerful live calls, monthly group coaching, our signature CORE biz system access to 17+ business courses - the DPAP Academy is a place like no other!


FREE MAsterclass - Coming Soon


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LightWeb Group Healing Session - Healing the Shadowweb

ONLINE on Zoom - Thursday 15th October - 3pm (UK BST)

There is the LightWeb, the creative power of the universe. Then there is the ShadowWeb, the destructive force of the universe. In this powerful healing session we will help you clear out the ShadowWeb elements of your life and business.

LightWeb - Live Round

ONLINE - Starts Monday 16th October 2023

LightWeb is an extraordinary soul-based technology that will change your life. "Any technology significantly advanced enough is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C Clarke. In this powerful program, we activate your being into LightWeb Soul Technology and share the 333Magic framework for higher consciousness living .




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ONLINE on Zoom - Thursday 9th November - 11am (UK GMT)

Trigger can be a mild annoyance to a full on losing your shit moment. In this clearing we are seek to create a deeper awareness and healing where our triggers are concerned to create more ease, joy and flow in life. 


ONLINE - Starts Monday 13th November 2023

LightBringer™ is a 2-week course and certification for LightWeb® Coaching & LightWeb® Healing. Once you complete the LightBringer course, you will be fully trained and certified by Joanna to conduct LightWeb healing sessions with your clients! You must have completed my LightWeb Course before you can take the next step to becoming a LightBringer. 


HEAL Your Abundance - Live Round

ONLINE (self study) - Starts Monday 4th December 

Join this 4 week experiment- with lifetime access where we ask the metaphysical question:
"Can ancient metaphysical knowledge create a significant change in YOUR abundance in just 4 weeks?"

LightWeb Group Healing Session - Healing the FML

ONLINE on Zoom - Thursday 15th October - 3pm (UK BST)

FML (F**k my life) vibes can be anywhere in our life - our biz, our relationships or even around money! Let's heal these vibes so that we can start living our best lives! 


My Million Dollar Experiment 2024 - Live Round

ONLINE (self study) - Starts Monday 1st January 2024

The My Million Dollar Experiment is a groundbreaking metaphysical experience that poses a daring question: Can mindset and intuition training, coupled with a million-dollar plan, transform your life and make you a millionaire in just one year?

In 2021, we demonstrated that it's possible with an astonishing one in 287 of our participants achieving a Million Dollar Year. Let's see if we can do it again in 2024!