December 15

The Cure For Everything…


The Cure For Everything…. I am not a believer in a one size fit’s all approach to anything! Before I could even speak, I was already protesting my individuality- you can just ask my mum!

7 Billion people on the planet and everyone unique – the miracle of that never ceases to amaze me.  That’s 7 billion unique face’s, 7 billion unique bodies and 7 billion unique personalities- We really should learn to celebrate that more- don’t you think? Limited editions, One of a kind, hand made, custom made… These are all things we praise in our society until, it comes to ourselves it seems. Like somehow your not good enough… We are all GOOD ENOUGH by default, we didn’t even need to get up in the morning and try! Do you even know how special you are???  What the odd’s of you, becoming YOU was?


One in 4 trillion chance of you becoming YOU!  And we still beat ourselves up!  Have you ever thought that the REAL problem is not the problem we think we have and we are beating yourself up over, but the actual beating up of oneself that is actually the real problem??? So what does all this have to do with the cure for everything? PLENTY.

It turn’s out the cure for everything is a one size fits all, and actually cures everything!

I want you to think of a problem in your life, something your really struggling with on a personal level, then I want you to think of a problem a family member or friend might also be struggling with something different to yours…Finally I want you to think of a world problem, something you’ve read in the news or seen on the TV!

Three seemingly unrelated problems yet the cure is the same for all of them! Yeah you read that right. THE CURE IS THE SAME. This cure can solve world hunger as easily as it can solve your personal problems or your families!!!

The Cure…

A Lifetime of professing I am an Individual -damn it! And therefore even the idea of one size fits all should be, by any logical reasoning freaking ridicules! Here I AM saying there is a one size fits all solution for all that bothers us. Argh! That bothers me too, but that’s just my ego and it’s need to be right… The real pisser is this cure actually fixes that too- LOL! Really is a one size fit’s all, even how much that concept grates me!

But before I tell you what this cure isI want to tell you a bit more about it! This one size fits all cure is as old as time, all the great teachers through out all the ages taught it, what’s more you already have it you just need to increase your capacity for it. In fact your problems are a direct result of a lack of it and so are the worlds problems.

Even though this is kinda the awesome sauce to life and the freaking cure to everything… We still can get a bit bent out of shape over it! Okay a lot bent out of shape over it!

It has founded movements and protest’s! It’s saved live’s and every day creates miracles… Its the most sought after thing on the planet, more precious than gold, yet we can all mine it and even produce it… Every man, woman and child on the planet is capable of it!

The Lack of it, creates hunger, pain, suffering, it creates most of the worlds problems and all of our personal problems! Yet they don’t really teach it in schools, it’s a subject that makes some people feel weird even talking about it. People have even been ridiculed for it, yet what we remember most about someone is their capacity for it or lack of it!

This cure can revolutionize peoples lives, I’ve seen it time and time again in my coaching practice. By now you might even have guessed it or even have some clue what this ,one size fit’s all cure is…

talking about love

Of course I am talking about LOVE

But before you ask how can, ‘little old, over looked’ LOVE be the cure to everything… Let me just pre-empt you!

Take world hunger for example… This beautiful planet makes enough food to feed it at least 2 times over, if not more. We are led to believe there’s a lack of food on the planet that causes some people to go hungry. True there might be a lack of food in some countries but… We are amazing remember? We invented big machines like huge tankers and jumbo jets that can haul all that crap we buy from the shopping channels and ebay to fill  our own voids our own lack of love leaves within us,  and it not a problem to ship that all over the world! Shipping some food to a country that need’s it – No problem! Yet there is a problem… Who is going to pay for that food? or The shipping? or, or, or …. Meh! Lack of LOVE. There’s companies that would rather throw out food than feed the hungry. That happens in the UK everyday – If that’s not a lack of love, I don’t know what is! If that angers you- it fucking should but LOVE is the cure!

  • War- lack of Love for fellow human’s on both sides- LOVE is always equal opportunity!

  • Famine- we have already seen that’s lack of love!

  • Poverty- Lack of understanding of the Law of Attraction which boils down to lack of love!

These are all big world problems but what about your battle royale with your self confidence or anything else going on in your life you are unhappy about? Lack of love! So you might be saying hang on there a minute Joanna – How can everything wrong in my life be a self love issue?

It doesn’t matter what it is, love is the solution. Weight for example- oh boy if you had heard my own self chat on this issue just a few years ago! You’d had punched that girl right in the face, for me! No wonder I never wanted to eat healthy or exercise …. I was with Garfield all the way on that subject;  Diet is just Die with a ‘T’! My own self chat tore stripes off me before I even showed up at the gym and after, well I was still over weight, so still not good enough, right? Even if I sweated 1 hour or 10 hours!

Who in their right mind wants to work for a person like that let alone stay longer, work out harder…. not me that’s for sure and that’s why every diet ultimately failed for me…. My own self chat! It was like shooting myself in the foot everytime! When I began changing my self chat, the way I spoke to myself in my own head… Well the results speak for themselves… I managed a 30 day Juice cleanse enjoyed it so much I made it 35 Day’s! For 18 months I cut out all dairy, sugar, yeast, all grains, all processed food… that left fish, fruit and veg… The most fantastic I have ever felt in my adult life – It was easier than any of those other diets with their freaking support groups and weekly weigh in’s – Why, what made it different?- LOVE! Mainly SELF LOVE!

Self love, I stopped beating my self up over every little fucking thing! I stopped calling myself a stupid fat cow or other confidence destroying, derogatory terms, that just served to put me down…. I began respecting myself! Funnily enough it became easier to accept myself, when I wasn’t against myself! Funny that? It became easier to be healthier, to go to the gym, all those places I dreaded before. ‘You deserve to feel good in your body’ became my mantra. I am still a work in progress but you know what that’s okay! It was all right as I stopped looking for a quick fix, long ago because I deserve the best fix, a lasting one! So do you!

Self love has transformed every area of my life…

It’s given me the ability to show up larger in every area of my life too and also the lives of others… But it started with something I always thought of selfish, but now I see it as expression of love starting with SELF LOVE. I put myself first… who can I serve when I am so downtrodden I struggle to get out of bed in the morning? – No one! Not even myself!  When I am at my best, the question isn’t who can I serve? The question becomes; who can’t I serve?… Everybody benefits when we make a concerted effort to be our own best selves… That’s why I daily profess the benefits of getting selfish… You can check out 3 Chapters for FREE of my book Get Selfish- The Way Is Through >>> HERE  

I am so passionate about teaching Get Selfish- as a model for humanity…. You see the fear most people have is that you’ll some how never be fulfilled and you’ll forever be stuck being this selfish person, if you Get Selfish and put yourself first…but that’s simply not true – Our own self interests lies in the happiness of others! We are sociable by our very natures. Our bodies are vessels that can only take so much filling.

Here’s the problem… We try to make others happy before we’ve fully understood what it takes to make someone happy- mainly us! Since the Law of attraction is always in operation… and states;


The problem with helping others to be happy before you’ve got your own stuff sorted is, our own base of energy. We try to create this happiness in others with an unhappy base of energy in us… Thus we get more of that back… Basically we are served our own unhappiness or lack’s back to us! Usually by the very people we tried to help pissing us off! Change our own energy base by getting selfish, filling our own vessel up first, so when we begin to help others create happiness… from your own energy base of happiness – Well the law of attraction kicks in and the result can only be happiness for everyone! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Here’s my not so LITTLE vision…

This world has a lack of love, which creates the problems in the world… I could just say ‘oh I am just one person… what can I do about it? Or I can Kick ass and take some bloody names! Guess what I choose? Yes, taking names for the lady in the pink hair! I don’t want to change the world, because I don’t believe that really works… That’s why I have dedicated myself to helping people who are ready for change to change the one thing they can truly control on this planet which is themselves. The ONLY thing you can truly control & change in this world is YOU. Having a guide to help you, really freaking helps!

I also know that all you need to change, is how you feel inside… When you connect to the greatness inside you- you become like a beacon for others.  Just by allowing yourself to be fully YOU with the love and acceptance of your ownself, you shine! Here’s where the magic happen’s…. Once I’ve helped someone do this they naturally help others to do it… Because like energy attracts like energy. This awakens each individual to being the change they wish to see in the world! You want to change the world? Start with yourself! By doing so, you- YES YOU! Have put one happier person into the world! That actually changes the world. There is not a spiritual teacher alive that did not start with themselves first from the Dalai Lama to Oprah! This is what creates REAL lasting change for everyone!

Self LOVE…

Self Love… Simply fill’s the void where love should live inside you but since all our problems are created by this void – it is powerful stuff when we come to know our own goodness and LOVE. That’s why I created Get Selfish- The Journey, as a guide for YOU to learn how to begin to create your own self love and fill up YOUR own vessel with LOVE – To heal all the lacks in your life- So you may show up LARGER and feel more fulfilled in your everyday. It’s not a quick fix, because you deserve a lasting fix. When your happy everybody you come in contact with win’s- it is that SIMPLE! Create Self Love <<<< check out the link to my 6 week course or shoot me an email at if you want to know more or sign up for THE JOURNEY starts 11th January 2016!

If you have experienced any negativity or unhappiness in your life, a lack of self love is the root cause and the only cure is YOUR own love… because you can’t accept from others, what your not willing to give yourself! Get Selfish- The Journey is the CURE you’ve been waiting for!


Love & Blessings

Jo & spirit team


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