January 5

12 Positivity Ideas


Happy New Year!!! 

Let’s make a packed just me and you…. What do say to making this year your most positive ever? Making positivity a daily habit- that will have you enjoying life even more!!! Okay let’s do it! I’ve got a list you’ll love to making this year your most positive ever…

12 Idea’s To Keep You Positive Throughout The Year…

Idea 1

idea 1

Set up an alarm on your phone to go off at different times with a positive affirmation or saying to keep positivity front and centre during the day!

Idea 2

30 days of kindness- each day for a month do something kind for someone else… open a door, buy the next person in line a coffee, speak to someone you wouldn’t ordinarily speak to, smile at a stranger, compliment someone, bake cookies for a neighbour, leave a scratch card on a vending machine, tidy away someone else’s mess, share your lunch… the list is endless. Check out my pinterest board for more idea’s random acts of kindness ideas >>> HERE <<<

Idea 3

Gratitude game changer

Write 10 gratitude’s a day for a month… Find 10 things you are grateful for each day and write them down- Do it over the course of 30days. This will powerfully draw more things that make you feel gratitude to you. Make gratitude a daily habit and watch you life transform

Idea 4

Write yourself a time delayed email… Write a really lovely email to yourself then schedule it to come in a month, next month you get a little electronic pick me up.- Sweet!

Idea 5

Have things to look forward too…  book things or schedule a day off with you and just a good book. Having stuff to look forward to is a trait of the really happy, they plan their happiness and thus the energy of happiness expands in their lives.

Idea 6

Start your day with a declaration a la’ Tony Robbins check out this video >>> HERE <<<

Idea 7

healing power of nature

Take a walk… we human’s are hardwired for this planet, just seeing and hearing nature for 30minutes activates over 800 strands of DNA in your body to begin healing. Digging in the garden releases pheromones in the ground that have a proven effect to clam and chill you out- cool huh? If that wasn’t enough our beautiful planet has frequency, spending time in nature sync’s our own hearts frequency with that of the planet … ever heard the saying ‘ feeling out of sync’ now you know why.

Idea 8

Be a hair brush diva… Pop the tune’s on, grab your hair brush and sing along this will powerfully have you rocking the blues away…

Idea 9

Learn something new… New learning creates feeling of positivity and forward momentum – Maybe things have gotten a bit stale because we you have not learnt anything new recently?

Idea 10

Pop positivity around your house… Post it notes with your favourite positive quotes. Then stick them to you fridge, cupboard, bathroom, places you visit often in your home as a reminder that positivity can be everywhere.

Idea 11

Stop giving attention to people, place and situations that don’t make you feel good there doesn’t need to be some big ugly confrontation, just simply remove your energy from them.  That means stop subscribing to their issues and don’t phone or contact them- when you do see them be pleasant but you don’t need to be their favourite flavour energy Capri sun and suck you dry every time you meet them.

Idea 12

Positive is a daily habit so anything that encourages that to form in your consciousness is a good thing. Place a hair band or elastic band on your wrist every time you have a negative though swap the wrist the band is on, this will help you to become aware of your negative thinking and also help you shut it down.

I hope you loved my 12 Idea’s to keep you positive throughout the year and it’s inspires you to make positivity a daily habit share it with a friend and the positivity will never end…

Love and Blessings




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