December 29

Love Is A Verb


Hey Gorgeous!

I am really excited to be writing this blog post… I HAVE AMAZING NEWS- shouty caps news! We are near the end of the year so much has happened this year! If you’ve been following me on social media you will know I have moved like a billion times this year, been changing how I run my business by moving more on line! And I have invested in my own personal development this year too. All so I can reach more people in need and help them with my self love and law of attraction teachings for life and business – My very own Get Selfish Revolution!!!

So a few weeks ago I saw a call out on one of the Facebook groups I am in. Lauren Herrera was looking for people to interview for her brand new podcast ‘Love Is A Verb’  which is on, get this… Law of Attraction, Universal energy, The soul and Self LOVE!!! Could not be more perfect for me! When I seen it I just knew I had to be part of it!!! Check out Love is a verb facebook page >>> HERE

Only my favourite subjects in the whole wide world!!! So we sat down last week to record the interview! Now let me tell you one thing…. I love talking about the Law of attraction, Self love how that all effects the universal energy around us and by loving ourselves we step more fully into our expansive soul self- That’s the place inside us where the magic happen’s!  We have often heard people talk about stepping into the ‘flow’, when we step into our expansive soul self that’s us stepping into the flow of life and the universe… it’s a space inside us where we truly open up to all that is possible! It’s the core of my Get Selfish teachings- you have to go through the self to get to the soul and step into the flow!

Well Lauren and I had such a great time and she loved my teaching too!!! Sooo much that she invited me, myself and I to become a regular on her show! Eeeeek I am so excited!!! Once a week you’ll be able to catch me on the ‘Love Is A Verb’ podcast! Yes, shut the front door!

I am going to be talking about all my favourite subjects – Law of attraction, Self love, The Soul and Universal energy- Each week I will reveal universal truths that you can apply to everyday life- kinda of like spiritual technology for the soul!

love is a verb

Calling All Peep’s…

So here’s my very own shout out…. I want to teach YOU, the stuff you really want to know… so if you have question’s about; the law of attraction, universal energy, self love and the souls… I would love for you to message me with them- they can be on anything from how to manifest something to how to get into greater soul alignment to how to begin loving yourself to spiritual questions on the soul and how it all relates…. My spirit team love answering questions and their guidance is always really simple and easy to understand. Message in the comments below or pm me on Facebook



New Year Ritual You’ll Love…

For many years New Year was not a positive time for me, in fact I felt it down right depressing. This came about from years of drama filled New Year eve’s. Even years after being away from my childhood and my mum and brother safe from my fathers drunken antic’s, that blah energy stayed with me – New years eve even the mention of it could still make me cringe.  Want to almost curl in on myself!

Not really how you want to start your New Year, now is it? So when I began taking full responsibility for my life I knew this was just one of the area’s that I needed to change for my own sanity. I wanted to do something that inspired me instead of making myself feel low at just the thought of New Year! Since my work is all about energy I started there… The first question I asked myself was;

What energy did I want to start the year with?

Answer was simple, feel good energy, positivity and things that make me smile… So I developed a New Year ritual I know you will love…

Before New Year’s eve I encourage the whole family me included to write down all the things from the year we are seeing out that, made us feel positive, made us smile and what was truly good in that year… We place all that good stuff into a bowl, on New years eve we read out all the wonderful things that have happened to us, all the things that where positive… by focusing on the good we powerfully draw in more good things to us for the next year… I call that starting the year on the right foot!

Here are some things I’ll be celebrating this year…

  • Having the courage to leave a house that ticked many boxes of my dream house, but the circumstances weren’t ideal round the rental of it. Loving myself enough not to make do and walking away.
  • My gorgeous mum, taking such good care of us during a month of ‘homelessness’ – it actually felt like a month long break and I was so thankful for it. It made what should have been a hard time into an adventure and allowed us to get into greater alignment as we didn’t have to worry so much.
  • Our New house- which was like the first bit of the jigsaw for our BIG plans in the next couple years!
  • My kid’s health… We really are a healthy bunch and that makes me so grateful!
  • The ability to move my business on line- yay! and all the new tech I have learnt to create my FREEDOM life!
  • The successful launch of my book- Get Selfish- The Way Is Through hitting no. 4995 out of 600,000,000 books sold on amazon! Not bad for my first go at being an author!!!
  • My tribe of kick ass ladies and few gents that follow me on social media and now here- You guys inspire me everyday  to be better than I was the day before!

So this is just some of the stuff, I will read out come New Year’s Eve and we will be celebrating letting go of one year and welcoming a New year of possibilities!

Bubbles of Possibilities… 

I cannot express how much I wish for you all to have a wonderful start to 2016! I am really excited what 2016 will bring for me and my clients…. Where will yours take you in 2016?

Love & Blessings

Jo & spirit team


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