December 22

Melt Down


I am going to be really real and really honest with you. Last week I had a melt down… It wasn’t pretty! In fact it was down right hideous! It was one of those bubbling, snot filled ones were you don’t make one lick of sense to anyone but you (even that is touch and go), as you hic up out the ill’s the world is heaping upon you! And It was the best thing ever! People think that because I am like some positivity ‘Guru’ that somehow I am immune to; stress, life, negative thinking or even having a bad day… Oh how I wish that were true!

But it’s not, it’s not even a little bit true. Making positivity a daily practice does not make you immune to all these things, and more but it does give you a whole set of new tool’s to use to dig yourself out of the crap! In the past a bad day could have easily turned into a bad week or even a bad life. I would go through what ever stress was upsetting me and then I would often set up shop and live there a bit. You know make friends with the neighbours, Misery and Hard DoneBy, visit self pity fall’s, you get the picture. That would inevitably pull me down even further and things would spiral from there.

Happy Holiday Melt Downs?

So what made me so freaking happy to have this melt down? Don’t get me wrong it didn’t feel good having it, however after I felt a whole lot better. Sometimes you just got to cry shit out…it’s true! So that made me feel better, but it was my after reactions that made me realise how far I’d come in my own journey. How all the emotional ‘tools’ I have in my tool box let me cope with anything- even, demanding schedule’s, my kid’s schedules and changing their blessed wee minds a billion times (I love them so much, oh yes I do), a to do list that look’s like a wall paper roll and Christmas – that will be bloody perfect even if it kills me! and don’t forget new year and my impressions of Santa’s elves, a Fed Ex controller to get all those gifts to all the locations they are going too… YES, that holiday stress! Don’t you just freaking love it? I am not immune to that either- sad face 🙁

This time my melt down felt like a clear out of ‘Christmases passed,’ crappy energy… Where I’d ride the stress train every time and let it upset me for day’s after. It felt like a release of pent up frustrations I had been carrying and finally a goodbye to ‘perfection’ that is killing my joy and my chances of remaining in the present moment.

The Truth…

Here’s the truth others might not tell you about positive thinking, the world’s problems or even your own for that matter don’t magically disappear with the first whiff of a positive thought! Like positive thinking is a can of ‘Raid’ for ‘shity-life-a-litous.’ The problems are still there, now you might be asking what’s the benefit then of actually doing the work to change your thoughts? Two things happen when you begin purposefully changing your thoughts to a more positive vibration.

  1. The problem’s may no longer bother you- in which case you no longer notice them so much- Yay!

  2. How you react or the way you deal with them changes dramatically! – Double Yay!

Both of these are pretty awesome advocates for positive thinking on there own, add to that a better sense of well being, more joy, happiness, contentment in life and it’s a very enticing package. So it should be, it has completely revolutionised my life and countless lives of my clients too who have enjoyed my Get Selfish Revolution.

Here’s why… My old way was thinking was the outside world needed to change so I could be happy! No wonder I wasn’t getting anywhere quick in life! There’s only one tiny, giant, big ass problem with that way of thinking – I can’t or even you for that matter change everything in the outside world! So no wonder the result is massive frustration, anger and feeling like things might be hopeless or you feel powerless.

When I began my journey on positive thinking and changing my reality through my thought’s, I grabbed on the only power we truly have as human beings! I changed the one thing that actually could be changed; my reaction to life. See the clue is in the title; MY reaction. It is mine so therefore, I am responsible and I can change it. That stuff right there is EMPOWERING! Sooo where is all this going…

…All this got me thinking… there must be tons of peep’s out there who don’t have the tool’s I use and teach to handle anything life is throwing at them and are on their final nerve with holiday stress!!! I mean if it even got me too and usually don’t get fazed but the little stuff (trust me in the grand scheme of the universe its all little stuff) YOU to might be singing their very own version of…

“Jingle stress, jingle stress, going demented all the way! Oh how crap it feeeeel’s, to feel all that stress, by the way!”

Yeah, I never said I could string a tune together…  So I made a wee video for you how you can reclaim your power and rock out this holiday season 5 tips on beating holiday stress!!!

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′][/responsive_video]

Now Gorgeous, I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and I’ll catch you same time next week… If you have loved today’s post give us a share or pop a comment in the box below!


Love and Blessings 

Jo & spirit team

P.s if your stuck for an awesome gift for someone… why not send them my book GET SELFISH- The Way Is Through Get Selfish- The Way is Through Book


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