July 4

The Sneaky Agenda,


I have never hidden the fact the work I do, I do it to raise the vibration of the planet in fact I call it my not so secret or sneaky - agenda. However I realised I never really shared the reason behind why I feel so driven and passionate to this cause or indeed why the raising of the planets vibration is so important to me. 

I can't remember a time in my life I did not have an awareness of spirit, guiding me, comforting me and helping me. It's been second nature for so long to connect to this source of grace- I forget others don't always hear what I hear or deep in my bones know, what I know.

For every human that raises their own vibration they also raise the vibration of the collective. The collective in layman terms is humanities collective consciousness, in spiritual terms it's the oneness, that the sages and guru's have talked about in mellennia, in scientific terms it's the area of study called the morphogenic field- the study of connected consciousness between all living things.  

It only takes a few people to raise the collective vibration enough for that to become a standard within the collective - then that new standard becomes the norm within society. Why is this important?  

We only need to look at the rise light workers in the 1960's which lead the way to the first wave of Indigo children being born for the 70's on ward, in turn the change makers of the indigo vibration generation paved the way to the highly sensitive and gentle crystal children, now all these higher vibrational energies/ people are paving the way for a new set of soul's called the 'peace keepers' a group of souls that are not yet being born but our collective vibration is shifting to a time when they can begin to incarnate on this plane. They will usher peace, create unity- with in the population.

The Peace Keepers

The vibration is not currently high enough for them to be born- if they were to be born now, they would suffer greatly. As an Indigo child myself, who always felt like I didn't fully fit in, until I understood, I was never meant to fit in. I know first hand the struggles of feeling different to a peer group, slightly out of sync with the world around me. ​

It only takes a few to change the vibration of the many. This is why I am on a mission to help other spiritual entrepreneurs do what they do, better so they will reach more people and in turn those people will reach more people. Creating a ripple effect that raises the vibration of the planet.

Just think from the 60's when light workers really began popping up to now think how much life has shifted in terms of how open people are about non traditional spiritual views.​ The rise in yoga, mediumship, meditation, spiritual arts like tarot and oracle cards are all directly link to this rise in human consciousness. 

The Big Why?

Heres the Big why, why I do what I do... I hate to even voice this as it sounds all dooms day and really the type of spirituality that kinda pisses me off, but the simple fact is; a massive proportion of the human population is suffering from 'separation sickness'- Where we have become so divorced and separate from our own ecosystem, that we are killing, what is actually giving us life; The Planet. This separation sickness is what causes every bad thing we as humans experience...

  • The violence 
  • The depression
  • The Crime
  • The Hate/fear
  • The killing of the planet
  • The Disconnection, from each other,the planet, the animals, our truth - the oneness within us- Source.   ​

It all boils down to a disconnection from source energy. Every society that has come before us, wether in our history books or not- crashed and burned when they disconnection from source and our planet.   We are standing on the edge of that, right now.

How We Are Hard Wired For This Planet. . .

The human heart chamber resonates at frequency of 7.83hz - the core of our planet resonates at you guessed it 7.83hz.... We are not meant to be separate from the planet because she is us, we are her- our separation from source, makes us believe we are separate entities, but we are not.  (For those of you into scared geometry and divine design  7+8+3 = 18  1+8 =9 the universal number of unity) 

"Connection is our birth right, it restores us to loving understanding- A rightness that is felt deep within" ​

I believe empowering those already called to help humanity; the spiritual entrepreneurs do it better- reach more people and make more money- As I know they will use those resources to further help humanity reconnect to source and change the vibration of the planet, if we are to avoid selling ourselves short- there is no greater time in history for people to hear their inner calling and step up into claiming their spiritual leadership roles. 

I know source is mobilising light workers, indigo's and crystal's adults  at unprecedented rate these people have often been 'trained' in skill's other than just the spiritual to act as a bridge between those caught in disconnection bringing them to source connection- this why we are seeing a massive rise in people who have been top CEO's, journalist, entrepreneurs, researchers,doctors etc.... Once super successful in their fields- completely change direction and move into much more connected spiritual life.  

These people speak disconnection fluently and yet they have learned the language of source - they are hugely influential in helping people reconnect to source and raise the vibration of the planet.

My Final Thoughts. . .

We can't save a home if the people still with in that home are wreaking it-  Getting angry, shouting and screaming at others won't help- infact it will only make it worse. Education, empowerment and loving guidance is whats needed. This is why I do what I do, we must become willing to be the change we wish to see in the world. It starts at an individual level, a Get Selfish level thats what unconsciously gives the permission to others to do the same and make the changes they long for too. 

I believe for any message to be really effective it needs one message; many voices! - The spiritual entrepreneurs I work with, strive in their own ways to facilitate connection for others, how they do this is unique to them but the result is connection!  

They in turn help people become happier- happier people make others happy- this is the law of attraction in action! ​

I hope this inspires you as much as it does me to step up and speak your truth- the language of your heart.  OUR time is NOW!

Love and Blessings, 

 Joanna Xxxx 


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  1. YES!! I feel this truth so deeply within my soul. As an energy healer I am acutely aware of how important it is to DO may work, as it contributes to this uprising of vibration. Thank you for sharing Joanna. Love + light xo

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