March 27

Podcast Special


The Podcast Special 

Thanks for joining me on this podcast special. I am super excited to share all these wonderful podcasts I have been honoured to be a guest off and share the special episodes I have been featured in.

​   Love is a Verb                       

The very first podcast I was featured on was the beautiful 'Love Is Verb' With Lauren Herrera as host. Our conversation went so well Lauren invited me back to do a mini series called the LOVE ENERGY series ​

Here's the initial podcast >>> 

<<<LOVE ENERGY SERISE starts here 

The Love Energy Series is 26 podcasts in total at 10 minutes each, based on Self Love, Energy and the Law of Attraction - it inspired my own love energy series of my Law of Attraction Master Class & 7 Day Energy Reset Master classes both available on my website, links above- Happy listening. 


 Ditch the Diet...              

Ditch the Diet Radio is another fabulous podcast run by the awesome Rachael Foy where she speaks about ditching the diet in favour of self love and healthier practices, for both mental and physical well being.... 

It was a fab chance for me to talk more deeply on my own Get Selfish Journey and how it can be a starting point for others to develop self love. 

Here's the podcast >>> 

  Just  Stay Curious              

Gillian Rose invited me to be on her fantastic podcast, Just Stay Curious - I have to say Gillian's page is a bounty of beautiful graphics - such care is taken with each of the show notes, they themselves are a feast for the eyes...  

This interview was really powerful and a share a lot of my journey to this point and the influences that have helped shape me, from my multiple organ failure to my obsession with the Law of Attraction. How both these events opened me up to the possibility there was something more to life! 

Gillian has one of those wonderful voices you can listen to forever and a day! 

Meet Me At My Happy Place             

Last but by no means least the beautiful Annika Frey podcast called Meet me at my happy place.... theres tears in this one.... Such a great hostess 

Here's the podcast >>> 

"Your primary relationship is the relationship you are having with yourself."

I hope you have enjoyed this deep dive into the podcasts I have been on - if you have any suggestions for a  podcast you would love to see me on, or would love to have me as a guest, feel free to send me a message on Facebook.

Pop me a comment, I love hearing from you guys.... ​

 Love and Blessings 

  Joanna Xxx


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