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The Invite...

We are asking the question: 

Can ancient metaphysical knowledge create a significant change in
YOUR abundance in just 4 weeks?  


Explore with us ancient metaphysical truths and knowledge.


Expand your mind with our effective mindset tools and intuition know-how.


Evolve your consciousness and capacity for holding abundance.  


Learn to embody the vibration of abundance in life with our simple steps.

The Experiment in a Nutshell: 

The question

We are asking the question: "Can ancient metaphysical knowledge significantly change your abundance in just 4 weeks?"

We think YES - let's prove it!  


We believe in the power of a 'collective', that when humans come together with a collective purpose of healing our abundance, we can create magic! 

The Framework

We will introduce you to our super simple H.E.A.L. Framework for healing your abundance and creating rapid change in your consciousness and mindset. 

Exclusive Podcast

Expand your awareness and consciousness with inspiring people through our exclusive podcast. Our guests' stories will blow you away with what's possible.

The Information

We will give you the information that will empower you to create positive changes to your energy, and support and uplift you as you implement a more abundant way of being. 

The Ripple Effect

HEAL Your Abundance is more than just a social experiment, it is a powerful system for creating global change, starting with individuals. Your abundance will create ripples.  

Our Story...

I am the founder of, I live, breathe and eat mindset and intuition, but it wasn't always so. In my early 30's my life hit a major event - I collapsed with stress-induced multiple organ failure,  I was told to prepare my family for my passing.  Spoiler alert... I make it!!! I went from having a successful businesses to living on benefits (that's welfare to my American friends). I lost all my confidence, I was left with chronic illness and autoimmune disease, truth be told I felt like I had failed at life. My husband had to become my carer and there were days I struggled to look after our kids. 

I'll be honest, my future looked bleak. Conventional medicine could only do so much for me, I felt broken and broke, spiritually, financially, physically. Little did I know that this would start a deep inner journey of my spiritual reawakening to reconnecting with my abundance, healing my body and finances. I turned to ancient spiritual knowledge to HEAL... It changed my life!  
In 2015 I began to share this knowledge with others online. In 2017 I retired my husband from his day job. In 2019 we helped the first of many clients to cross a million dollars in sales in just one year, and 2021 we hosted the worlds largest metaphysical experiment, had our own million dollar year and supported over 4300 participants that year. The experiment went on to produce 15 self-made millionaires and created shifts for 1000's of students. We proudly paid out over $40,000 in affiliate payments that blessed others with abundance that year too. 

I am on a mission to help heal lack consciousness on this planet and bring back the true meaning of abundance in every area of our lives. These experiments my team and I run are a wonderful way for us connect with new people, share ancient sacred knowledge and metaphysical truths in a fun way, bless others with abundance and create a ripple effect that can be felt planet-wide.
Here at Joanna Hunter HQ we believe firmly in the ethos a rising tide lifts all boats, and Together We Thrive!

Get crazy with us... 

It's the people that are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world that do... This is your invite to this crazy ride! This is your invite to be a part of something truly special, to become a force for global change!  This is for YOU if you are ready to try something different, desire to change your life or business and want to be open to new, wonderful possibilities by Healing Your Abundance!    

    4 Easy Steps to Join the Experiment:


Step One: Registration

This is your invite to register for the The HEAL Your Abundance Experiment for just a one-time admin fee of $44. The experiment runs for 4 weeks and you get lifetime access!


Step Two: Confirmation

After registration you will be sent a confirmation welcome email. It's super important that you follow the instructions in this email and confirm your email address.


Step Three: Join our Online Community

Join our  HEAL Your Abundance community on Facebook where we will kick-off our experiment and share the journey and our trainings. Plus we share a way for you to actually get paid to be in our experiment and earn all your money back and then some!


Step Four: Join our Affiliate Rewards Programme (optional)

Get your abundance ball rolling by registering for our completely optional rewards program and enjoy 50% rewards fee for every friend, family member or client that signs up using your special link. This step is completely optional *Terms & Conditions apply

Get To Know...

Our Million Dollar Team

Head Coach  & CEO


Visionary of HEAL Your Abundance, published Author, Spiritual Life and Business Coach, channel of Skylar, and mentor of all things life and woo woo.  

CFO Accounts manager 


Voice of reason, head sceptic and our Formula One-loving Accounts Manager. Paul keeps us grounded.

Customer Service Angel


Social Media Manager & angel. Tarot Reader, in her 3rd year of Psychology, Ellen is our social media super star that will help onboard participants and make sure our socials are on point.  

together we dare to believe we can heal the world...

Our Crazy Million Goals... 

We believe in having BIG dreams & goals 


 Giving away 1 million dollars! We have an ambitious goal of blessing others with 1 million dollars paid out in affiliate fees. Together we thrive.  


Sharing the Magic with 1 million people! We have the goal of helping 1 million people change their lives and create massive positive ripple effects in this world.  


1 million views a week on our socials. We aim to inspire 1 million people through our FREE social media content each week to raise the vibration of the planet! 

As Featured In... 

Some wins from our last experiment

I joined the My Million Dollar Experiment Joanna & her team ran in 2021. I honestly never thought I'd be a Millionaire. In September of 2021 we crossed 1 million dollars and ended the year on 1.4 million dollars. Not bad for someone that couldn't work due to covid restriction - simply put, Joanna changed my life!  And now we are being featured on TV with 'Homes Under the Hammer'

Anca PB

 2021 Experiment partcipant

I loved that you could earn an affiliate payment for introducing people to Joanna's 2021 experiment - I used the money I earned from all those affiliate payments to buy into a book opportunity, I became a amazon bestselling author, I now own my own publishing house and have had 5 amazon bestsellers to my name! Being in Joanna's world has changed my life! 

Katie C. 

 2021 experiment participant 

I messaged Joanna in the car park of my local hospital in total shock! My consultant had taken me off the organ transplant list. I had applied the 2021 experiment principles to my health instead of finances, I healed my body to the point I no longer needed an organ transplant - I will be forever grateful I said yes to this experiment! 

Sarah W. 


Join Us

  • Get access to the HEAL Your Abundance Collective Facebook group for support in your journey
  • Online access to mindset and intuition training, and ancient sacred insights. 
  • 4 powerful modules of H.E.A.L
  • Exclusive online H.E.A.L workbook 
  • Podcast with inspirational abundance creators 
  •  LightTools™ to help shift your lack into abundance
  •  Lifetime access* + future LIVE rounds of the experiment at no extra cost
Register today for a one-time $44 admin fee
No refunds are offered on this admin fee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Ok, I've signed up, now what do I do?

A. Great question. The HEAL Your Abundance experiment is a SELF-LEAD experiment. We provide you will all the information you need, the teachings, the workbooks, podcast and a Facebook Group to share your journey and ask questions in. It's up to you to absorb the content and do the work, we are not going to spoon feed're not a baby!

Q. Who is running this experiment?

A. Joanna Hunter is running this experiment. Joanna is a published Author, Spiritual Life and Business Coach living in the Magical Highlands of Scotland.  
Joanna is a life-long student of Metaphysical Science, and currently completing her doctorate in Metaphysical science. You can learn more about her here -

Q. How will the results be measured for this experiment? 

A. One of the biggest obstacles we encountered in our 2021 experiment is being able to collect data on our participants. Although we were able to determine 15 people became millionaires, the number is most likely higher as many people did not fill in the data collection forms.
Having learned from this, we have simplified the data collection process to being self-led, you will measure where you're at the start of the experiment and 4 weeks later you will decided where on the scale you are, which you can share with us if you choose.  

Q. What is the affiliate rewards programme?

A. The affiliate rewards programme is totally optional. It is a way for us to give back to people who share our experiment with friends. You simply join by signing up to the experiment then you complete the separate registration for the affiliate rewards programme.

You will be asked to create a unique name that you will then use as your own link that you can share with other people. If any of those people buy The HEAL Your Abundance Experiment using your link,  we will pay you $22 for each person that joins.
There is no limit to how many people you can get to join. That means get more than 2 people to join and we are literally paying you to be in the experiment!!!! 

Q. Is this a Pyramid scheme?

A. No, there are no ancient monuments here. We got this question a ridiculous amount of times in our last experiment so we thought we'd answer this straight away.

First off, the rewards/ affiliate program is totally legal and totally optional! If you don't want FREE money that's okay. It's quite simple, you create your affiliate link and send it to your friends, family, mailing list etc, if they decide to join, then we pay you $22 for each person who signs up using your link, that's it! No pyramids here...
Affiliate/ rewards are perfectly legal and above board.
It's just a a way for us to reward people who share us and help make this experiment a success, we don't even have a secret handshake!

You don't even have to become an affiliate to take part in the experiment, it's totally up to you. Affiliate payments are paid to you 30 days after the sale and you must have a Business PayPal account where we can pay you (A Business PayPal for payments is a UK government requirement so we can legally pay you, and your tax liabilities for any money you earn is yours to bear).

Q. Can this really shift my abundance? 

A. Here at Joanna Hunter HQ we help people every day shift their abundance, however we are going to be really upfront with you. It won't be us, this experiment, or the planets aligning that will determine if this will work for you. Hang to your britches because this may come as a surprise to some of you, it will be YOU that will determine your success! We believe in your infinite power, we will teach and hold you to this standard, so when you reach the results you desire in life you will know it was YOU that got yourself there -me and my team are only ever going to be the catalyst.
This is an experiment, led by mindset professionals so you are in good hands. If you are ready to play in the field of infinite possibilities and lead yourself, we believe you can't lose.  

Q. If this is an experiment, why is there a charge? 

A.  We charge a one-time $44 dollar admin fee, for lifetime access, then we give you the opportunity to earn the money back by introducing just two new people, or earn even more with us by introducing more people with our optional rewards program. Here are our main reasons for charging:

1. This allows us to pay for the running cost of such an experiment. 

2. We are a privately owned limited (LTD) company, we don't get research grants nor are we funded by big universities. We completely self-fund these experiments.

3. When it comes to abundance, intention matters. By being willing to pay $44 admin fee, you have put 'skin in the game'. By doing so you set a powerful intention. This is vital for the success in mindset/ energy work concerning abundance and money, the reason so many people succeed in our world is because they are invested to be here. We also give you a way to earn the money back by helping us by sharing the experiment which lowers our cost, which we pass on to you as we don't need a marketing budget. 

Q. Press & Media enquiries  

A. If you wish to write an article about HEAL Your Abundance experiment or our 2021 My Million Dollar Experiment, or you would like to interview Joanna Hunter please fill in the enquiry form below:  

Up front transparency

It's important to me that I am upfront and transparent with every participant.
HEAL Your Abundance
is an experiment, as with all experiments the results are not guaranteed nor are they promised. It's important not only for me and my team but for your own ability to succeed in life and business that you are willing to take personal responsibility for your results. We truly believe in the power of our work. On this page we have shared some extraordinary results from our past participants and our clients, in full transparency these results were only possible because our participant/client took personal responsibility, took action and believed in the power of their results.
These are essential ingredients for success with any mindset and energy work!
It's important for us that you understand this before you join us as we hold the standard of being self-led as the highest importance for success and self-healing.

Some Epicness from our 2021 Experiment:

... The experiment that produced 15 millionaires 

4300+ people joined us from over 50 countries world wide.
We went viral in multiple countries!

Our participants generated over $20 million dollars in abundance for themselves! #winning 

Several participants told us they healed their bodies and came off medications by healing their abundance!

In 2021 we paid out over $40,000 through our rewards program, the ripple effect of this alone has been huge!