January 26

You are enough- never debate it


You Are Enough-Never Debate It

I worked as a spiritual life coach for a long time.... I have helped hundreds of people with thousands of aliments from people with depression to people who simply just want the feeling of achieving something in their lives.... So it might come as shock to some that all theses vastly different problems can often be boiled down to two blocks of energy! 

  1. I am not worthy
  2. I am Not Enough​

I have also observed that the 'I am not worthy' often stems from 'I am not enough' ... the greatest lie we have ever told ourselves!


Those are the odds of you being born you! Still think you might be a mistake or somehow less worthy than the next person taking up space on the planet! 

Lets talk about the planet for a minute- A planet of over 7.5 billion people and the universe saw fit to make only one you! The sheer miracle of that!!! 

Ask a two year old are they worthy they will reply with a resounding YES! Same if you ask them if they are gorgeous! We knew the truth of our existence at two.... so what the hell happened? 

Well somewhere along the lines we forgot first we are love and secondly that loving ourselves is our natural state of being that's why when we are out of alignment to that state of being we feel so out of alignment with life... and life take on just a little bit of a sucky feeling. The more out of alignment we are the more things feel like they suck. (- Technical term there) The cure?

No Debate!

Your enoughness has been negotiable for long enough, make a commitment to yourself to make it non-negotiable! Just fucking refuse to budge on the subject of your enoughness-  KNOW YOU ARE ENOUGH! To help you clear your energy and reconnect with this divine truth check out the meditation below, I made it just for you!

Share The Love...

Now I know you are not the only person that needs to hear this message right now! You will have friends and family that need to know RIGHT now they are enough so I hope you will join me in my mission to help others discover there enoughness by sharing this post with the buttons below and if you loved the meditation please bookmark it so you can return to it again and again... 

 Love & You are soooooooo freaking enough Blessings,

 Joanna Xxx


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