December 8

Soul Alignment…


Some of us have it, some of us don’t. Soul Alignment is that yummy space inside us, where we feel truly alive and all is well in our little world. The things we are trying to achieve begin to flow effortlessly to us and through us. A sense of easy happiness and all is possible become our ever present companions in this state of being- oh the deliciousness of it!!!

However since we are not taught Soul Alignment many of us in adulthood tend to only achieve this amazing state of being by accident or if we indeed go out and learn the HOW of it! So most of us experience the opposite of Soul Alignment, on a consistent basis. The unaligned states of being and thus we are far more familiar with these symptoms;

  • Stress
  • Procrastination
  • Lack
  • Feeling like you where meant for more
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Illness
  • Tiredness
  • Frustration
  • Confusion, so much freaking confusion
  • You get depressing, crappy the idea of it…

So how do we change it? I work on the principle you already know how, your just too busy negotiating with pain and discomfort to actually take action and make the change.

Okay so I might sound like I am going off topic here… but bare with me, okay?

If we tell a two year old not to touch the hot oven – chances are at some point they are going to touch the hot oven or at least make an attempt… However that is usually, the one and only time they will attempt to do so. Next time they will see the hot oven, they will say something like, “hot, hot!” pointing at the offending piece of kitchen equipment while keeping their distance. Children can teach us so much… At two we get that something that causes us pain should be avoided! I know right, who knew?

However as adults we begin to negotiate with pain- here’s a HUGE hint! There’s no negotiation with PAIN! It has one meaning and one meaning only = this will hurt! That’s what pain does! But as adults suddenly our two year old selves are often smarter than us, when it comes to pain. That’s because they know; pain + you = hurt YOU. And that= V.Bad!

hot oven WP

Ovens Be Hot…

Yet we insist on keeping, the people, the places, the situations that are like touching the hot oven over and over again in our lives, then for the love of all that’s holy we wonder WHY our lives aren’t working!

Here’s the real why of it; we think we can negotiate with PAIN…  You know, that word that only has one meaning and one meaning only- that one. We think that somehow we could bend the law’s of wordy physics and you know change the freaking meanings of words, just if we negotiate hard enough. If this starting to sound like a little mini rant… it’s because it kinda is… Only because I was a chief negotiator with pain for many years- I have yet to win a negotiation! and I am like the freaking Queen of a good debate and I still haven’t won… not even once!!! The Laws of psychic’s don’t bend that way-  Take it from me it’s time to retire from, your would be ‘pain negotiation’ career.

Stepping into Soul alignment we need to first stop negotiating with pain, and dig deep and find our inner two year old so we can responds to pain accordingly- and AVOID it like the dickens. Pain is an indication we are not in Soul alignment, that’s physical pain as well as and especially emotional pain.

A Smarter Way…

Now we are ready to try out this new fangle two year old way of dealing with pain… We have a greater chance of Soul Alignment – but like a ninja our emotions strike fear into us! OMG what is everyone gonna think when I leave my crappy job or I tell my not so very good friend, I am not buying what your selling today or ever again! WHAT-WILL- OTHER- PEOPLE-THINK! Oh No!

In our minds…The whole thing becomes like bad sci-fi and there’s cheap flashing lights, a tons of warning alarms and shit, then some tin can robot is screaming- “Danger Will Robinson” in the back ground… Your about to have a melt down buuut… Here’s your solution- your new liberated two year self had no chance annnd…. it’s get back in the box and freaking stay there- you little up start!!! Phew disaster and happiness totally avoided- Good job, brain- stand down everyone!


We can recognise this type of behaviour and fear belongs to the more primitive part of brain… The part that work’s just super great for deciding if you are to fight the T-Rex or run like crazy!!! Since Jurassic Park style science hasn’t happened and that level of genetic engineering is illegal in pretty much all of the world, the chances that you’ll actually need to act on those fear’s are slim to none.  Sure a would be rapist, kick em in the ball’s and run like crazy but do you really need ‘fight or flight’ to turn down bad dinner and even worse company- I don’t think so!

Take control! Say to that fear, “thank you for trying to save our ass, really I do appreciate it, but you know what I think we are all good here. I am actually gonna not give a frigg about what other people say because erm… they are actually not living my life…and I am so not in the mood for bad meat loaf and depressing company!”  or words to that effect.

NOW after all that….

…We can get to the juicy part…. SOUL ALIGNMENT… you already know what you want- it’s all inside you! Even if you don’t think you know, you actually do know or should I say the Soul know’s. The Soul which is actually the truth of you. It’s what lights you up, that’s the real authentic you… and if you don’t know what lights you up it’s time to haul two year old you out again!

Ever seen a two year old with a grown up box of chocolates? Some are yummy, two year old you would use your whole body to express the yumminess of the situation but there are some that are just plain gross… yep no negotiation with the grossness – Two year old you has got this; spit it out quickly, que full body shudder, scrape that tongue on the nearest object you find just to get rid of the taste- that’s how two year old you, would do it!

Now imagine you dealt with life experiences like that- SOUL ALIGNMENT BABY! and Hilarious freaking peeps everywhere! You think national 2 year old day would catch on? LOL

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If you have loved this post drop me a line… Seriously love hearing from you, and if you had any ah-ha’s definitely don’t keep all that goodness to yourself share it in the comments below …If you are super interested in knowing more, join me on my first webinar this Friday 11th on the Law of Attraction- MADE EASY…..Oh yes! That fear is getting felt and I am doing it anyway!!! Sign up for FREE >>> HERE

See you next Tuesday Gorgeous ones…

Love and Blessings

Jo & spirit team

P.s If your really serious about unlearning your conditioning and fully, I mean FULLY stepping into that expansive gorgeous Soul of yours… you want to check out my brand new course which starts next year January 11th…Doors are open now- but ONLY if your sick of your own BS and seriously want to change your story… Check it out HERE



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  1. Ha! This is brilliant. I loved the video of the kids spitting out the bitter chocolate. You made it really easy to understand that some things are just non-negotiable. Thanks again!

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