December 2

First Blog Post


Ummmm…. ermmm…. wow, I had so much to say now I am faced with a blank page… I am just a little bit daunted, over here! A plethora of what I call ‘not enough’ thoughts cross my mind. You know the one’s like, what if I am not good enough or funny enough or what if my blog is just plain suck’s… These day’s I know to shut down that train of thought before it becomes a run-away train that’s steals my joy, happiness and contentment in the present moment. However it wasn’t always so…

In the past, I didn’t have the tools I have now to cope with every eventuality life throw’s at me. So I would inevitably take that train ride every time. And of course we stopped at all my not so favourite places… like self doubt mountains, the river of my own issues and my very not so favourite stop of all, self pity falls.  If you recognise some of those places you might be asking, how the heck, do I get off this hell ride???

It was a process but it started with acknowledging, this type of behaviour as going to only bring me, ‘same shit, different day!’  I began by asking my self multiple times a day, “how do I feel?” Then I would not only listen to my answer, but I would also respond to the answer. For example the process…

The Process

Q: How I am feeling?

A: I feel like crap.

I would then Q: What in me is causing me to feel like crap?

A: I am scared, I am not good enough (note the real honesty here, if it would make you scared to say it out loud you most likely have hit the money level)

Now, I have something to respond to, something to own. Can I own my fear? Hell yes! By just admitting I am scared, I lessen fears hold.

In the beginning you will feel like a bit of a ‘nutter’ to be honest having these conversations in your own head, but soon they become an awareness rather than a conversation. I began to just naturally shut down trains of thought that no longer serve me.

Joanna Hunter - Visionary Muse

Okay! So this is supposed to be my first blog post…. 

So it would be rude not to do the whole who am I and what’s my shoe size shizzle… Hello.. I am Joanna Hunter, Visionary Muse and Mistress of the Woo woo at My Inner Peace… I help individuals and spiritual based entrepreneurs get clarity on who they are, what they have come here to do and what is there sacred message. I do this with the help of my spirit team, who I call the transition team together we transition people from an asleep state of being to an awakened state of being! They are un-incarnated members of my Soul Tribe, they share a profound and sublime wisdom of universal truths, for the betterment of man and woman kind.

My Blending with spirit feel’s like continuation of me, a never ending circle of where I often, I am not sure where I begin and they end and visa versa. I know one thing for sure the guidance they share with me and my clients, readers and students is profound and life changing. The simplicity is always awe inspiring… Life was never meant to this hard or difficult, but most of us lost the manual- our connection to spirit- I and my transition team are in the business of re-connection!

Some  not so very useful facts about me… 

  • Originally born in Stockholm Sweden, I moved to the north of Scotland at 10! Can you say culture shock?
  • I am fluent in English, Swedish and the lies we tell ourselves – yeah I see you!
  • I am a natural and trained medium
  • I have 3 Kids ( 1 boy & 2 girls) and a fur baby
  • At 23 I had conquered depression & PTSD
  • I built 4 six figure businesses by the time I was 26
  • I’ve been married for 18 years… the secret is appreciation!
  • 1st time I kissed my hubby, I knew that was the man I would marry- my best friend at the time thought I was hilarious and seriously drunk when I told her.
  • My hair is not naturally pink-shocker!
  • My fav food is sushi- yummy! My nearest sushi restaurant is 2 hours away 🙁
  • I am a bit of a nerd- but I am sooo owning that!
  • My Hero’s include Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla
  • I believe in Angel’s, elemental’s and energies we can’t see…
  • I know self love cure’s everything because everything originated in us

So… that’s me… same time next week? Blog post’s on a Tuesday… sign up for updates and my soul purpose finder. Say Hi in the comments below!

Love and Blessings


P.s I am a uk size 5 shoe incase you where wondering…

P.p.s Any mistakes in this text are all my own, but I am owning that too along with my nerdie-ness and the missed bullet point of,  I conquered dyslexia and a shit ton of crazy stepping out of my comfort zone to bring you this!


1st blog post, get selfish, joanna hunter

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  1. Girl u are on fire…….right from the 1st words of erm umm. …….u are honest,,funny, a straight talker & ur a Swedish. ….u are the whole package, gift wrapped in the love of ur spirit tribe & the big pink bow is ur husband &;children…..
    U own it, u talk it & boy u sure do walk the walk…..loved ur 1st blog….here”s to many more 🍸🍸🎀🎁 xxxx

  2. Your honesty made me cry. Once I realised that the tears were not of sadness, but joy of recognition, I started to smile at myself. Thanks, Jo xxx

  3. I love the openness and vulnerability in this post Joanna. You are so relatable. I look forward to following your journey and hopefully joining you for the ride via your programme very soon. xx

  4. I loved this post – I think most can relate to much of what you say – and if they can’t relate, they aren’t being honest with themselves. You conveyed wisdom with a wonderful sense of humor. I look forward to seeing more from you – Wish northern Scotland wasn’t so far from Georgia!

  5. Just love you Jo, you are so down to earth and one of the nicest people on this planet. You are an amazing medium and I would encourage anyone and everyone to go for a session with you.
    Much love,
    L A xx

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