Q2 Bundle   

- Your Invite to Magic Season 

2021 Curriculum 

Divine Magic- Q2

Create Your Most Magical Self 

HOW THIS WORKS:  You can purchase individual courses or healings or as a bundle or
The full
BeMagic Year long Experience


Starts 19th April

Live calls: 
DAY 1 - Mon 19th April - 7pm
DAY 2 - Tue 20th April - 7pm
DAY 3 - Wed 21st April - 7pm
DAY 4 - Thurs 22nd April - 7pm
DAY 5 - Fri 23rd April - 9am
DAY 6 - Mon 26th April - 7pm
DAY 7 - Tue 27th April - 7pm
DAY 8 - Wed 28th April - 7pm
DAY 9 - Thurs 29th April - 11am
Q&A - Fri 30th April 11am

Divine Downloads
-Walk with sacred feminine 

Some of the most common questions I get is how do download all my programmes from source? How do you download load entire programmes and offerings? in this course I will show you how!

  • 9 Powerful live classes
  • Facebook community for duration of course 
  • Clear your channel for crystal clear reception 
  • Explore your Divine Feminine inner landscape
  • Learn to channel Divine downloads with effortless ease
  •  BONUS-Q & A session   

LightWeb Group Healing session - Intuition $44

15th Apr at 3pm UK

60min channeled Group Session
- Must be attended live
An Intuitive mind is a super power, in this healing we unlock your intuition and heal the block you may have to using it and trusting your connection.


Starts 11th May
Live calls
Starts on New Moon

11th Tue -7pm 90min call 
12th Wed 7pm
13th Thur 11am 
14th Fri 9am
17th Mon 9am 
18th Tue 7pm 
19th Wed 7pm 
20th Thur 11am 
21st Fri 9am
26th Wed 7pm Full Moon Celebration call + Q&A  

 10 live calls total-
Replays available 

Money Magic
 - Activate your cauldron  of prosperity

Unleash your inner witch as we activate your cauldron  of prosperity, spell work, candle magic, money sigils and money codes as we activate your creative centre and make rain money!   

  • Delve deep into Money Magic 
  • Activate your inner cauldron of prosperity 
  • Money Moon Magic   
  • Create Money Candle magic  
  • Money sigils for prosperity  
  • Facebook community for duration for course   

LightWeb Group Healing Session - Money Wounds $44
 24th May 2021 at 11am UK

60min channeled Group Session
- Must be attended live
Clear the blocks cause by money wounds and negative money beliefs


Starts 14th June 
Mon 14th - 7pm UK 90min
Tue 15th -18th 11am

Mon 21st 7pm 90min call 
Tue 22nd -25th 11am 
Q+A  Date TBC 
 Case studies in your own time between 28th Jun- 3rd Jul 

Akashic Records - Certification Training
The High Priestess is in...

  • One powerful akashic records  activation
  •  Learn to access the akashic records
  •  Learn to read the records for others
  •  Learn to heal and edit energy patterns 
  • Contains 9 Modules    
  • Facebook group support
  •    Life time access
  •  Certification on completion of case studies

LightWeb Healing - Past Lives $44
17th Jun at 7pm
60min channeled Group Session
- Must be attended live
Clear the blocks that you have been carrying in life times - from past life trauma. 

Q2 Bundle

All of the above courses for  $3,333

Complete Curriculum a Year of Magical Trainings   

Grab all our trainings for $8,888 or $888 a month

 The 12 Monthly LightWeb Healing Sessions     

If already own some of our training then please reach out to our team 

on the link below, we will be happy to assist you with an adjusted price.

3 Ways to Join Us    

Monthly LightWeb Healing Sessions 

$444 for year or $44 per month       

#BeMagic Experience

All the above trainings + LightWeb Healing Sessions Full YEAR for $8,888 or $888 a month

The BeMagic Experience

BONUS 13 BeMagic insights   

Magic Bundles

 or join us for a quarter:

90 Days Sacred Business Jan-Mar

90 Days of Magic Apr-Jun

90 Days of Soul Jul-Sept 

90 Days of Self Love Oct-Dec   

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"I would definitely recommend Joanna to anyone who wants to mix practical business skills with the spiritual aspect to keep their energy high, and work with the law of attraction to manifest their goals.

She's an awesome mix of woo woo with practical, and that's really rare!"

 Wolf & Tara

"Coach Jo tapped us into the soul of our business in our very first call. She shattered the illusions of what we thought our company needed to be and rooted us into the core of what it truly was.

Then she masterfully guided us through placing structure on our now solid foundation."

 Meike Haisenko

"LightWeb was unbelievable. Connecting to source on such a deep level was fantastic, I learned a lot and healed a lot more. Absolutely would recommend it! Best course I had invested in for a long time - basically life changing! 

I can hear source clearly now - it's like having conversation!" 

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