- I work with the most amazing people ever! 

Course Student  Love....

Akashic Records -I love how's it builds up and adds more useful information in each call & meditation. I would say it's a beautiful healing modality that can add value to your spiritual work and/or self healing. Joanna is an amazing teacher.

Laura Soer

YOUnity is a powerful course, the first module completely blew my mind and shifted my energy. It's a foundational course that felt like the missing piece of the puzzle for me. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Elena Teneriello

Transformational Coach

DPAPA has shown me that I can add value to people's lives whilst creating a brilliant business and Income for me. I will have a product that is totally mine which has all the hallmarks of me. I will at last feel grown up as a business woman who can stand in her own space and totally shine and not feel embarrassed or fearful. I'm am under no illusion. Jo is a great business woman as well as the Queen of Woo. She is v astute as well as approachable and is very generous with her time.

Rachel Hamilton

As Featured In... 

Coaching Clients...

Aside from pulling in over 100k in less than five months, platforming me as a global expert having completed a world tour, having several successful online course launches, sold out masterminds, and more clients than I could dare to dream, she has also helped me to grow and expand my other businesses to a point where I simply receive a very healthy salary for doing sweet FA, has helped me develop a healthier relationship with myself, my boundaries, and subsequently other people in my life, and if that's not enough she's walked alongside me as I initiated as a Priestess of Light and shown me time and time and time again that I am enough, I am capable, the world is my oyster, and the answers to all I desire are already within me. I thought I was spiritual before I met Joanna, but she has shown me the true meaning of Abundance; the convergence of spiritual and material wealth. Having both... well that's pretty freaking life changing. 

Harriette Hale 

There's just something so special about her. She's terribly intuitive, but also understands brick and mortar businesses and real selling. And she has lived it and teaches people how to create their hearts desire, and ideally do it all with ease.....oh, and she's beyond generous with her ideas. She's my favorite biz coach ever, and that's saying a lot!.

Tracy Finkel

I would HIGHLY recommend Joanna to others. She is an amazing mentor, life and business coach. I have way more confidence, I am kinder and more loving to myself and have more excitement about my business as a result of working with her.

Evelina Hovich 

Retreat  Client Love....

KGM global citizen, LONDON

"My energy is resonating at a higher level , I feel an increased awareness of my souls desire ( now that I'm listening: ) Joanna helped me understand my wealth is my experience and I can make better decisions now. If opportunities do not bring me Ease, Joy and flow they are not for me. Change has occurred almost immediately personally and I can see the change starting from a business standpoint - I benefitted from a friends recommendation and wouldn't hesitate to recommend a retreat with Joanna to others ."

Isaya Gabriel

"I have loved this retreat very much. Everything was organized to make us feel like friends, not clients. It was very beneficial to my well-being, I felt pampered and safe, taken care and introduced to some amazing energy places and to some very cool energy tools. I would definitely recommend a retreat with Joanna any day !"

Laura Muirhead, Artist, Healer and Sage

I would absolutely recommend a Joanna Hunter retreat. Of course seeing the sacred sites may be a once in a life time experience, but additionally, the time spent spent with Joanna is priceless. I can't say enough about the value of being in her presence to learn from her whether it's on a spiritual, business, or personal level. Joanna has endless knowledge and gifts to offer and there is so much information and lessons we can absorb. At a Joanna Hunter retreat you are well cared for on all levels. It's a relaxing vacation wrapped in a spiritual growth journey.

Praise For Joanna's Book: Get Selfish 

"Would highly recommend this book, well written, providing excellent outlooks packed with positivity and inspiration.if your needing a little kickstart to creating the life you ultimately desire.this is the book for you.this book has beautiful colours and quotes on each page throughout which adds to the greatness alongside the motivational, inspirational wording no nonsense approach this book provides it was definitely 5 stars from me 😊 if you want to see changes in your life for the better .this book would definitely be an amazing choice to guide you in the right direction to do so."

Amazon Review 

"I love this book- so much so after lending it out several times and then not receiving it back, I've just ordered another to keep for myself. An easy, uplifting, on point, inspirational book on putting ourselves first. Highly recommend."

Amazon Review 

"this book is awesome. I love the layout and the use of colors. I resonate with the message and would highly recommend it to those who are looking to gain a powerful perceptive in their life."

Amazon Review 

"I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. It is so positive and uplifting with practical examples of how to live the best life you can. I can’t wait to read it again to make sure I take on board all of Joanna’s advice to make amazing changes."

Amazon Review 

Get Selfish- The Way Is Through

We are taught and conditioned from an early age that looking after yourself, putting yourself first is selfish.... 

I want to call BS on this notion.... It took collapsing of multiple organ failure (you can read more on this here)  to make me realise, if we don't put ourselves first then there is nothing left to give to ... anyone!

"Self Love is Not Selfish"

In my book Get Selfish - The way is through 
I share 7 power steps to deeply reconnect you with yourself, resulting in you finally plugging your lack cycle by reconnecting YOU with your Source within, so you become an unstoppable force for change in your life!

Your source connection begins

& ends with you! 

LightWeb Healing Love 

There were big, visceral, physical shifts during the session,  I had wanted to clear a block relating to money and relationships - we worked on the root cause being frustration, also a past life aspect of betrayal -  I definitely felt the internal energy shift.


Joanna is exceptionally gifted at getting to the heart of what is holding you back.  I was storing shame and guilt in my abdomen and I wish that I had before and after photos to show you! The sessions are powerful and almost hard to describe in words because they are a meditative spirit led experience.  I highly recommend you trust that the reason you have been drawn to Joanna is because she has the healing you need and gift yourself a session with Joanna.

Katische Haberfield 


100% recommend these sessions with Joanna. Amazing value. In her own words "she rips of the bandaid" to get right to the problem.

Shamaine Robinson

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