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- Your Invite to the YOUnity Consciousness Journey 

2021 Curriculum 

Magic of Sacred Business

Q1 -Is Now Complete 

Divine Magic

It's Magic season at Joanna Hunter HQ - 3 powerful months to dive deep into the magic of your Source Connection

Tap into the Source of Magic

Quarter 2- Bundle

All 3 months for just $3,333



Divine Downloads - Walk with your Sacred Feminine

Source is the source of all things - we can see the magic of source in the outer world but where we truly experience the magic source offers is in the inner world. It is not something that is really seen but it is deeply felt and it is found in the sacred feminine realm, the realm of creation and magic. 

In this powerful class we will learn to walk with the divine feminine and embody the wisdom of source. Joanna will expertly guide you into your own inner realm, to clearing your own conduit that divine downloads flow through so you hear clearly the power of your deepest truth.  

Have you ever wondered how Joanna downloads all of her programmes? This class will show you. Joanna will blow the lid on this and much more as you learn to walk with your sacred feminine and embody a higher truth and wisdom of soul remembrance.   

  Investment $555

LightWeb Group Healing - Intuition $44 
An intuitive mind is a super-power. In this healing we unlock your intuition and heal any blocks you may have to using it and trusting your connection.   


Money Magic - activate your cauldron of prosperity $888

This course is a homage to prosperity magic. We will dive deep into activating your cauldron of creation, explore candle magic, sigils, creation matrix of money and how to tap into your Money Magic.  

 LightWeb Group Healing - Money Wounds $44 


Akashic Records Certification Course - lifetime access course  $2222

Akashic Records are an incredible tool for healing past lives and activating new soul codes.   In this certification course you will learn how to read the records of your clients or friends, to edit the records and facilitate deep healings and insights for your students and clients.   

LightWeb Group Healing 
- Past Lives $44 

Tap  into  the Source of  your Magic...

Quarter 2- Bundle

All 3 months for just $3,333



Divine Downloads course - Walk with your Sacred Feminine
LightWeb Group Healing - Intuition



Money Magic- Activate your cauldron of prosperity.  

Magic of Receiving - 7 day bootcamp
555 Teachers gate Activation

LightWeb Group Healing - Money Wounds  


Akashic Records - Certification
Lifetime access course
LightWeb Group Healing - Past Lives


Buy individually or all 3 months for just $3,333

 Soul Magic

Explore the Magic of Your Soul

Quarter 3- Bundle

All 3 months for just $3,888


July - Soul to Soul Weekend Intensive $1,111

LightWeb Healing - Spiritual Trauma $44      

August - The Quantum Soul of Money $888

LightWeb Healing - Money Vows & Poverty Mindset $44 

September - Divine Planning - Abundant profits Academy $2222, price will increase on Lions Gate 8-8-21 to $3333 lifetime access course 

LightWeb Healing - Good Girl Wound $44

Magic of Self Love

Connect with Magic of Self LOVE

Quarter 4- Bundle

All 3 months for just $2,222


October  - YOUnity™ lifetime access course $1,111

LightWeb Healing - Judgements $44      

November - LightWeb® lifetime access course $1,111

LightWeb Healing - Inner Child $44 

December  - Self Love YOUnity™ 2 day at home retreat & Goodie Box sent to you $555

LightWeb Healing - Self Love $44  

Complete Curriculum a Year of Magical Trainings   

Grab all our trainings for $8,888 or $888 a month - this is a rolling offer
ie join in May 2021 your year will end May 2022

 +BONUS of The 12 Monthly LightWeb Healing Sessions     

If already own some of our training then please reach out to our team 

on the link below, we will be happy to assist you with an adjusted price.

3 Ways to Join Us    

Monthly LightWeb Healing Sessions 

$444 for year or $44 per month       

#BeMagic Experience

All the above trainings + LightWeb Healing Sessions Full YEAR for $8,888 or $888 a month

The BeMagic Experience
+BONUS 12 Healing sessions 

BONUS 13 BeMagic insights   

Magic Bundles

 or join us for a quarter:

90 Days Sacred Business Jan-Mar

90 Days of Magic Apr-Jun

90 Days of Soul Jul-Sept 

90 Days of Self Love Oct-Dec   

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"I would definitely recommend Joanna to anyone who wants to mix practical business skills with the spiritual aspect to keep their energy high, and work with the law of attraction to manifest their goals.

She's an awesome mix of woo woo with practical, and that's really rare!"

 Wolf & Tara

"Coach Jo tapped us into the soul of our business in our very first call. She shattered the illusions of what we thought our company needed to be and rooted us into the core of what it truly was.

Then she masterfully guided us through placing structure on our now solid foundation."

 Meike Haisenko

"LightWeb was unbelievable. Connecting to source on such a deep level was fantastic, I learned a lot and healed a lot more. Absolutely would recommend it! Best course I had invested in for a long time - basically life changing! 

I can hear source clearly now - it's like having conversation!" 

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