February 28

Trello- On Tool Tech Tuesday


It's Tool Tech Tuuuuuesday! - this is where I take the online business tools of the trade, break them down and show you how to use them! Up today is Trello... 

This online tool is fabulous for organising your business, courses and all different aspects of your online life.... it's a Fav of mine and I am always using it for new and wonderful things! 

Here are just some of the things I use Trello for:

  • Keeping track of affiliate links
  • Planning out new courses
  • Keeping track of web addresses form opt ins
  • Planning my online content
  • Planning my Blog posts
  •  Share projects with people I collaborate with 
  • Keep track of my product suites 
  • And soooooo much more!!!

Trello is totally FREE although they have paid options - if you want fancy backgrounds as I have in my Video on a couple of my boards thats a paid option click below to sign up for your own Trello account... 

I hope you have loved this tutorial and if you have found it valuable please drop us a comment in the comments below and let us know what online tool you'd like a tutorial on next.

 Love & Blessings​

 Joanna Xxx

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  1. Fantastic – just what I needed for planning. Love it because it is also environmentally friendly and prevents the massive clutter bug of paper. Thank you and blessings. Anita

  2. Thank you so much Joanna! I have used Trello in the past and I am sure it has tons of cobwebs to be cleared now. After seeing your video it makes more sense how to use Trello on a daily basis and not just course creations. xoxo

  3. This may be what I’ve been searching for…. will put what has been scattered all in one place. Being young in DPAP provides a perfect time to begin this! Thank you Joanna!

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