November 29

Thinkific on Tool Tech Tuesday


Hey it must be Tuesday... because I am here with an other Tool Tech Tuesdays- Today we are looking at my fav course platform 'Thinkific' this tool allows you to host & sell multiple courses all in one handy online space. 

Before I came to Thinkific, I tried a bunch ​of different solutions to 'housing' my courses including even custom building my own course platform on my own hosted wordpress website. There was pro and cons on everything.... while my own custom website looked the prettiest and was super easy to navigate, duplicating and creating more spaces for new courses was a pain and my clients would be forced to have a password for each course- this eventually lead me to Thinkific! 

  Big Love                 

I have big love for thinkific because it can truly help you at every stage of your business it's great as you can start free and build to paid options as you and your business grows... I am in favour of lean starting your business because then you start in more abundance than lack. Like energy attracts like energy. 

If you love the look of Thinkific heres my link by using this link you will get $50 off a subscription to thinkific ....

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead and may the tech gods smile upon you and all your online business tech work with ease, joy and flow...

 Love & Blessings

 Joanna Xxxx

P.s Please feel free to share or comment below.... don't keep this good stuff to yourself- share it with your online business buddies! Xx 


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