March 8

The Rice Experiment


The Rice Experiment 

I love sharing this "do it at home" experiment as my clients that have tried this at home have had profound shifts in their consciousness and that of their families. 

So what on Earth is "The Rice Experiment"?

I will show you in just a minute - a few years ago I was doing seminars called Live Life Unlimited to help people tap into their unlimited potential and show them how powerful they really are.

It was while I was doing research on mind over matter for my LLU seminar that I came across the rice experiment for the first time. It was based on Doctor Masuru Emoto work in which he proved water has memory and will behave differently depending on source of the water and outside stimuli 

Take a look at these ice crystals that have formed with and without prayer....

Heres how words can effect Ice crystals :

The rice experiment is based on the idea water (inside the cooked rice) can be affected by words and the human mind. 

One of my Clients Gemma has done this experiment twice now with the same results. A few years ago Gemma attended one of my live life unlimited seminars where I talked about the rice experiment 

Mum of 3 boys Gemma, thought it would be a great way to involve her boys and show them the power of their words. It changed the way her boys spoke to each other . 

A couple of weeks ago Gemma decided to re-do the experiment and she very kindly tagged me in the results 

You can clearly see the difference in the "Hate" jar compared to the "Love" jar- know you are aprox. 75% water and how you you speak to yourself is important.

If you want to conduct your own:

You need:

  • Two identical jars 
  • One lot of cooked rice
  • A set of positive labels like love, gratitude, happy...
  • A set of negative labels like hate, loser, stupid...
  1. Fill the jar with equal amounts of rice from the same batch of rice
  2. Add positive labels to one jar
  3. Negative labels to the other jar
  4. Now the important part: speak daily to the love jar words of love, and to the hate jar speak words of hate.

📸 picture thanks to Gemma 2 weeks into the experiment- the love jar is showing no signs of rot and the hate jar is rotting.

If you try this experiment at home let me know how you get on, I love hearing from you guys so drop me a line in the comments or on social media - this is really the experiment that shows love wins !



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