November 22

Picmonkey on Tool Tech Tuesday


Its another Tool Tech Tuuuuuesday! - this is where I take the online business tools of the trade, break them down and show you how to use them! Awesome right? If I can just help you avoid online stress- it is my pleasure as know what it's like spending a fortune on tools that you use once and never again! So on my screen today for your viewing pleasure is 'Picmonkey'... 

I Lurve me some picmonkey... Okay so now that just sounds wrong, lets just pretend I never said that... Moving on- heres why I heart it.... 

  • Make royalty free backgrounds 
  • You can touch up your photo's
  • Create images with no back ground 
  • It works with all your own font- sweeeeeeet!
  • There is a ton of features you'll love 

If you found this tutorial useful let me know in the comments below if you did and if there are any tools you would like to know how to use... Happy to help! 

 Love & Blessings​

  Joanna Xxx

P.s don't forget to give me a share πŸ˜‰ 


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