January 23

Client Feature Sasha Dent


Client Feature- Sasha Dent. 

Hello Lovelies I am back with another client feature! This time the lovely Sasha Dent - The Mummy Guru is in the spotlight! I was really excited about this interview as it has been a few months since I worked with Sasha so it was a perfect excuse to see what she had been up to since her coaching session... 

Sasha Dent

Sasha is from Australia and runs her business 'The Mummy Guru' while looking after her own family- I love her business as it is focused to helping ordinary  women create balance in their working lives! 

Video Interview! 

 How We Began Working Together...    

Sasha initially bought one of my clarity session - with Sasha there has been a lot of evolution and refining of her ideas. The first step was helping her get clarity. These sessions are jam pack with sooooo much clarity as this is very much in my zone of genius. Sasha had a tonne of take-aways that she began to implement. You can get more info on a clarity session here  

A few months later she booked a spiritual business coaching package of sessions, where we dove deep into her business. Helping her sift through what was important and what was not so important to her business - Creating a business that not only could hit her financial goals but was made to hit them by structuring her packages in away they would work for her and her clients... 

 Such Potential...    

I could see such potential in Sasha's business I knew with the right packages, positioning to the right people she would be off and running. So thats what we focused on and mindset because that is so essential to helping you grow into the business of your dreams.   

Sasha has now got interest and clients from major businesses for her return to work packages for new mummy's. As an added bonus Sasha is now also being seen as an expert in her field of return to work mum's and helping women create a work, life balance and reduce stress in the work place and at home when they have little ones!  

Loved Sasha's Story?

Ready to create your own? I love helping all types of businesses from start ups to established and if you think I might be the coach for you why not book a FREE discovery call today? 

I offer a FREE 30 min chat so we can have virtual tea and get to know each other and see if we would be a good fit for coaching- No hard sell just tea and chat xx 

  Totally legal ways to stalk Sasha... 

If you love Sasha's business and you want to learn more about The Mummy Guru check out her website >>> www.themummyguru.com 

She also has a FREE  Facebook Group she has just recently started to help even more mum's join here​

Catch you in my next blog post.... 

 Love & Blessings 

 Joanna Xxx


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