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Client Feature Heather Teysko


Client Feature - Heather Teysko 

Hello Gorgeous ones! Brand, spanking new feature on my blog.... I wanted to share some of the Super Stars I get to work with- I love hearing my clients stories and  the fabulous progression they make by us working together!

 Heather Teysko 

Today I am featuring Heather Teysko of the England Cast Podcast.... Heather's story is truly inspiring and just proves that when you're passionate enough you can make money and do what you love.... 

Video - Interview

 How We Began Working Together...               

Heather and I began working together when Heather took an 8 week Coaching Package  with me. What lit me up about Heather was that she really came to me with such raw honesty, she had been struggling to make her passions work for her business and make an income from them for about 15 months- but what I really loved was she just said, 

"Joanna these are my passions, podcasting, renaissance English history and writing. I just like to tell stories- do you think there's a way for me to make a living, but not just a living but a really good living?"

You see many of my clients come to me when they have talked themselves out of their passions - they have told themselves some (BS) story of how they would struggle to make money, doing what they love - Heather just owned what she was passionate about- came to me with arms open and such hope that I could help her.... 

 Total Honesty                 

I believe in complete transparency - I am going to be really honest here.....I wasn't sure on the discovery call what I could do to help Heather's business to evolve and turn it into a money making venture so she could continue doing what she's passionate about full time....However I knew, Like I knew, Like I knew- I could help her monetise the sparkles out of it because she had the 2 essential ingredients; 

  1. PASSION - Omg sooooo much freaking passion for what she does! 
  2. WILLINGNESS - The willingness to put her money where her mouth is and invest in herself and her business- that takes balls! BIG lady balls!

When you are passionate about something....that is massive fuel and I believe passion comes from the Soul- the nature of the Soul is to be abundant, so I knew Heather was already in her ball park of abundance, it just wasn't showing up yet - the rest I felt confident we could figure out, together.

Because I am not just a business coach, I work with mindset, a sprinkle of woo woo and a shit tonne of solid practical business advice and strategy, with 18 + years of actual business experience to back that up I knew the way would be found!

Heather took massive action- both with her mindset and implementation. If I suggested she changed the copy on something, by the afternoon sitting in my inbox would be the new draft- amazing!... she really worked her buns off!


Heather's wins are phenomenal and they just keep coming.... 

  • Quadrupled her email list - shut the front door!
  • Took her first deposits for her English Renaissance tours in 2017- so much Yay!
  • Created and sold a tonne of Tudor Planners - link below 
  • And her listenership for her Podcast is up by a whopping 55%, that's over double!

I am so proud of Heather, as she took massive action, leaps of faith both in herself and with my advice.... in the 15 months prior to working together she had struggled to take $600.... after 8 weeks working together, taking all that action, it really paid off and in 6 weeks she has made $9300 - I know!!! How awesome is that? 

What's more, Heather's confidence in her business has grown so much and I know it will just continue to grow!  Because she now has the tools and the order in which things need to happen for success to take place- no more throwing spaghetti at the wall for Heather! 

If you want to create massive success for yourself and live your passions - I'd love to jump on a call with you and see if we are a fit for working together. Click the link above to book your call today- your future-self will thank you for it! Or you can check out working with me by clicking HERE

​ Ways to Stalk Heather.... (in a totally non-creepy way)     

Websites: & 

Tudor Planner: ​

Till next time, gorgeous ones keep being awesome and live your life with passion.... 

 Love and Blessings,

 Joanna Xxx​


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