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Buffer on Tool Tech Tuesdays

Welcome to Tool Tech Tuuuuuesdays - this is where I take the online business tools of the trade, break them down and show you how to use them! I know- the sweet soul I am! but all jesting aside if I can just help you avoid, the hair pulling, cross eyed frustration of it all- it's a good day! because us spiritual entrepreneurs have world to change and naff business tools, ain't nobody got time for that! So my first low down is on....

Buffer makes sharing across different social media platforms much easier and ​pretty much a one stop shop! I love it and since using it I have seen more engagement and interaction especially on my fav Facebook...

I hope that made sense to you and if your lurve it heres how how you can sign up for Buffer www.buffer.com 

Love and Blessings

Joanna Xxxx

P.s pop me a comment if this was helpful...  

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Joanna Hunter

Spiritual Life and Business Coach, Founder of Joanna Hunter Media LTD. Visionary Muse, Author of Get Selfish, Law of manifestation expert and channel to galactic consciousness Skylar.

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Anna Pugacova - 12th March 2017

Thank you so much for this video! I need a Buffer in my life! I just get so saked into social media and Facebook because I want to share content With my audience, but yesterday I felt sooo overwhelmed that I actually thought about closing my account!!! BUT not anymore! I Will definitely check this out! Thank You so much ❤️
Hugs /Anna

    Joanna Hunter - 14th March 2017

    Yay Anna- so delighted it was helpful and will have you handling your social media like a boss!

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