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 “If you’ve always done what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” 

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Hey I am Joanna Hunter....
Head Misteress of my very own metaphysical schools here at Joanna Hunter HQ I am passionate about metaphysic's and teaching pope how to connect deeply with their own magic and source connection to manifest a life and purpose that is beyond their wildest imagination.  If your ready to change your life and business or even start a business your in the right place checkout my offers below. 

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Every year at Joanna Hunter HQ we deliver amazing metaphysical classes, activations and workshops. This year we thought it would be fun to bundle all our masterclasses together and offer for the first time every life time access grab our "2023 Hall Pass" for life time access to Self Fulfilling Prophecy Class plus 11 other incredible classes that you won't regret having life time access too. Plus get a discount on our 2024 Hall pass inside! 

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Come join us in our LightWeb Healing TEMPLE.... this is the place we develop the daily habits that build success and HEAL our energy to opening ourselves up to becoming the one that can! 
- over 35 Healings to access 
- 12 Invites to LIVE healings in 2024
-Mini Courses 
- Monthly Ezine 
- Weekly Card pulls 

$44 a month for 12 months or $444 for the year

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If your ready to seriously commit to your goals and make serious head way in your life and business come learn all the things from us! The Full YOUnity Consciousness teachings of

- 1 Year in the TEMPLE
- YOUnity Consciousness Course Lifetime access
- Be Your Own Rescue Course Lifetime access
-Divine Planning - Abundant Profits Academy Lifetime access- with monthly group coaching calls.
- LightWeb Soul Technology Course Lifetime access
PLUS -13 BeMagic Insights Masterclass, Magic of Receiving Masterclass, 3x Success Codes, 3x Money Code teachings, ShadowWeb teachings.

COMPLETE Library of soul led courses for the metaphysical Mastery in your life and business

Over $10,000 of classes for $8,888 payment plans available