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PLEASE NOTE: In this guide I will give you my pointers on reducing debt. This is only my opinion, personal experience and in no way is to be taken over expert financial advice. Any advice you follow here is on you! Enter your text here...

HEAL Your Abundance

Can ancient metaphysical knowledge create a significant change in YOUR abundance in just 4 weeks?  

What's included in The Temple:

  • Get access to the HEAL Your Abundance Collective Facebook group for support in your journey
  • Online access to mindset and intuition training, and ancient sacred insights. 
  • 4 powerful modules of H.E.A.L
  • Exclusive online H.E.A.L workbook 
  • LightTools™ to help shift your lack into abundance
  • Lifetime access* + future LIVE rounds of the experiment at no extra cost
  • 50% Affiliate Rewards Program

Are you ready to heal your abundance?  

My Million Dollar Experiment 2023

Starting on the 1st January 2024 we begin an extraordinary journey in the form of the My Million Dollar Experiment. At Joanna Hunter HQ we've already witnessed the transformative power of this journey. In 2021, we achieved remarkable success with our participants, with 1 in every 287 participants becoming a millionaire! This proves that the mind's potential and intuitive wisdom are indeed the keys to unparalleled wealth and prosperity. 

Join us in our continued exploration of metaphysical realms, where the synergy of your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions can sculpt a future that's abundant with financial success. 

Are you ready to create a million dollar year? 

Divine Planning Abundant Profits Academy

In this course I will give you 4 Plans, plus all the support you need to implement those plans that will create a lifetime of magic for you and your business!

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to business or have been spinning your wheels for a while... these 4 plans will change everything and laser focus your business like never before!

You'll never be stuck for what you need to do on a daily bases again, you will know how to:

  • Attract clients / customers
  • Create clear plans to grow your business 
  • Make the money you want
  • Reach the people who need you most 
  • Have clarity in every area of your business 

Are you ready to create business magic? 

Send @JoannasTeamHunter a message on Facebook if you would like to find out more about joining any of the above course!