The Intuitive Living 5 Day Challenge is now finished.

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Joanna is a lifelong medium and Psychic. She has mentored people in the use of their intuition for over 22 years.  Joanna loves to combine intuition and consciousness for the ultimate combination to living your BEST life! 


In the Intuitive Living challenge, you will get to experience Joanna in her element. Joanna will help YOU to live more intuitively and authentically, and have you tapping into your own intuitive gifts like never before. If you want to continue exploring the teachings of Joanna and her Spirit Team Skylar, then check out LightWeb Ascension technology, a complete upgrade for your consciousness. LightWeb is a soul base technology that will transform your life and intuition...

NEW - Live round starts Oct 26th 2020  

"Your intuition is the single most valuable tool you have in your life,

it is your universal guidance system that always knows the way"

- Joanna Hunter