with Joanna Hunter

What  you'll learn...

  • Our capacity for LIGHT is infinite, however most of us don’t know how to fully channel Daily Light into our everyday lives to help us navigate this human experience with greater ease, joy and flow. 
  • Join Joanna & Skylar for an illuminating Daily Light Activation and expansion to your capacity to receive LIGHT with some powerful and simple LightTools️ that will change your life.


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This Masterclass will be live on Tuesday, April 16th at 7pm UK BST.

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Did you know?

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Let's elevate together with positivity and inspiration.

Come meet...

Joanna Hunter

Joanna Hunter, an international Metaphysical Teacher, Author, Speaker, and Channel for the transcendent collective consciousness known as Skylar, is on a soulful mission. She's here to weave the teachings of Skylar into the fabric of Earth, reviving magic, abundance, and a profound connection to Source. Joanna brings a refreshing, no-nonsense approach, often hailed as the most down-to-earth "woo" coach you'll ever encounter. Joanna is also the founder of the worlds largest metaphysical experiment; My Million Dollar Experiment.  

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