1:1 Coaching 

-Magic, Abundance and Happiness are your birthright-

What we do

Bespoke Coaching 

Here's an insight you can take to the bank; the higher your consciousness rises - the easier your life will become, the more money you will attract, the more solutions become available to you, and your capacity for magic increases - this is what I do. I help you raise your vibration to a place where miracles & magic become your everyday!

Spiritual Coaching 


Spiritual coaching and development- Clients call me a walking spiritual encyclopedia. As a lifelong medium and student of metaphysics, I can help you expertly deepen your source connection and intuition - so you can tap into your own guidance system & soul magic. 


Spiritual life coaching and self love coaching will help you deepen your internal connection to your YOUnity consciousness- the highest of vibes, so that you can kick self-sabotage to the kerb and watch your self-confidence and self-esteem go through the roof!  


With over 20+ years actual business experience, I will guide you with confidence to the best strategies for you. We will dive deep into your soul's purpose and message to the world, and help you monetise the sparkles out of it with ease, joy and flow... your unique flavour of magic! 

Bespoke Coaching 

         -As unique as you are... 

Clarity Session

This is me and you and 60 glorious minutes of sheer channeled clarity on one of your life's most pressing issues and 1 week of email access. 

3 Months Of Bespoke Coaching

3 Months of bespoke coaching will allow us to dig deep into your life, business or spiritual development - this is my intuitive, practical guidance in your pocket for 3 months of deep soulful transformation and expansive healing. 

  • 1 x 90min Deep Dive Session 
  • 8 x 60min Sessions 
  • 3 months of Voxer access Monday to Friday 
  • 3 months email access
  • BONUS- book of your choice from Joanna's Titles 

VIP Magic- 6 Months Bespoke coaching

This is where I will walk with you for 6 months of deep transformational change... you will have my guidance, wisdom and intuitive skills on tap for 6 months. We can tailor this package for YOU to fit your needs perfectly. Let's chat and build the perfect support for you, whether it's starting a new business, helping make an existing one more profitable or maybe you wish to take a walk on the light side of life and deeply explore your spiritual side and gifts or perhaps you wish to re-write your story and create a life that works on every level.
Example of a bespoke 6 month package:

  • 12 x 1:1 sessions 
  • VIP day 
  • 6 months Voxer access Monday to Friday
  • Group programme for ongoing support

This package is fully tailored to you- we are only limited by our imagination Examples: of things we have done for our VIP's, build websites, created entire businesses from scratch, designed business  branding, designed courses, podcasts, published books, journals. Helped our clients re-write their whole story and step into empowered versions of themselves, gain masses and masses of clarity, inner peace and abundance. This is a gateway to your next levels.     


Online only - at present due to COVID

Book me for 1 or 2 days of intensive healing, clarity and expansion- a powerful portal into your next levels. 100% focus on YOU for 1 or 2 days as we help you go deep into your souls desires, spiritual gifts and unfold your magic.

We will leave you in a state of deep clarity, tapped in and tuned in the magic of your soul.

Who we work with

Are you tall enough?

I have been a spiritual teacher and coach for many years and I am crystal clear on who I can help and who I am not for - So are you tall enough? 

Who I can help:
  • Soul centered people - magical people  
  • Spiritual - open to spiritual concepts and ideas
  • Understands at least the basics of the Law of Attraction
  • Willing to trust in a process, even when you can't see the full process
  • Wiling to change and take action, with my support
  • Willing to move beyond their limitations, and internal stories with my guidance
  • Willing to do something you've never done before to get a result you've never had before 
  • Those ready to embrace a higher consciousness 

Who I am not for:
  • "Muggles"
  • Those not ready to change or transform
  • The unwilling to move beyond excuses, limits and internal stories that hold you stuck  

I had the creativity, ideas, experience and knowledge, but I didn't have the mindset.  I also didn't realise how much I was blocking myself from stepping up and becoming visible. Joanna helped me to see this and she gave me techniques to help me step into a more positive mindset and get aligned with my work. Joanna offers the whole packages; practical tips, mindset techniques and all with her own brand of humour, kindness, sparkle and woo woo magic.

I would thoroughly recommend her. 

Carol Lee - Carol Lee Natural Food School


I would HIGHLY recommend Joanna to others. She is an amazing mentor, life and business coach. I have way more confidence, I am kinder and more loving to myself and have more excitement about my business as a result of working with her.

I am so excited about the future of my business! 

Evelina Hovich  - Evelinahovich.com

 It was so important for me to work with someone experienced in running successful spiritual businesses and that is Joanna!  I am so grateful.  I have already recommended Joanna at least 2-3 times as a coach.

Plus the Divine Planning Abundant Profits (DPAP) program gave me incredible confidence!  It changed everything about the idea of "working" in my business.  It completely eliminated any concern about how to organise my time and what to focus on day to day in my business.

Wendy C Williams MS, EFT-Adv of wendycwilliams.com

As Featured In...

Coaching With Joanna

Clarity Session

60 minutes of sheer clarity 

  • 60 Min Session 
  • 1 week email access after
Re-Write your story

Re-Write Your Story 6 month

deep dive into transformation  

  • 12 x 60 min calls
  •  6 Month Container
  • 6 Months Voxer Access
  • 6 Months Email Access 
  • Re-write your story guide