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The Wayshower of the Light Summit

3 Days of thought provoking speakers, join the conversation on Light Consciousness, DNA, Ascension, Awakening, The Awakened Mind, Higher Consciousness, and Being Human at this junction in time and space... all this straight to your inbox!

   Joanna Hunter

Summit Dates:

26th, 27th, 28th June 2019

​About the Host:

Join Joanna Hunter  & 5 Amazing speakers. Joanna is a natural medium, spiritual life and business coach, channel for the un-incarnated members of her soul tribe known as the collective 'Skylar.'

Our Amazing Speakers...

Anyaa Lightheart

Anyaa's soul desire is to serve humanity. She provides grounded and loving, spiritual guidance and tools, that focuses on helping 'lightplayers' step into their power.

Hannah Wilson 

Hannah Wilson is a wayshower, pioneering a modern format of spirituality. She is assisting humanity and Gaia to return to the original Divine Blueprint.

Nalinee Diosara

Nalinee is a scribe of light language, conduit of all & spiritual artist. Her works vibrates on the soul level and reflects multi-dimensional facets of the souls. 


Special Guest is to be confirmed 

Jennifer Starlight

Jennifer Starlight is an Australian Trance Medium, Mentor & Author and is regarded as a leading authority within her field, with over 30 years experience with spirit.

Joanna Hunter

Summit Host Joanna is a life long medium, a channel for the collective known as Skylar, Spiritual life and business coach & High Priestess of the LightWeb soul based technology. 

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Yes 100% FREE and our gift to you.... Joanna is committed to her divine mission of raising the consciousness of the planet -  it's not a one woman job and we are honoured to bring you such amazing speakers who share this divine soul calling & are also committed to the raising of consciousness on the planet - one human at a time! 

​Know you are here for a reason... 

I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in unseen forces guiding us to greater

discoveries and higher consciousness.

Know if you made it to this page you did so for a reason...