- Woman Trinity Pod -

-Adventure Awaits-

Skylars Prophecy 

First comes the WOMAN, you must embrace her in all her glory, her haves and have nots for she is the way and the path is her Mastery.

As the woman births the PRIESTESS she becomes teacher, healer, torchbearer, leader, conduit and midwife to your divinity, through her you will witness your knowing.

Through your knowing you will birth your GODDESS, you will come to know a time where Goddesses walk amongst you, legendary women of renowned, rebirth and magic.

are who the world has been waiting for.

Welcome Goddess...

The archetypes of WOMAN, PRIESTESS and GODDESS lay in all women. In the heart of you lays a GODDESS in deep slumber. She is your unique expression of divinity.

When you have been called to share your light with humanity, your inner divinity (The Goddess) is in a state of awakening. You are here to fulfil Skylar's prophecy by awakening your unique Magic.

You can assist the awakening of magic inside you by learning to fully embody THE WOMAN, then PRIESTESS & GODDESS in the fullness of your vibration.

- Woman Trinity Pod -

I Am Woman 

Here we create the strongest foundation for your dominion as a self-actualised Goddess. We create the foundation for your Human WOMAN to be taken care of, to open up the bandwidth to be all-in on your message and service of that message to humanity. We build your TEMPLE. 

We will dig deep into supporting you as a WOMAN and open up pathways for income to flow into your life. We will open up portals for expansion into infinite possibilities by helping to structure your spiritual business in such a way it can be effortlessly scaled.

The Woman Pod Contains:

  • 3 month container 
  • 3 x 1:1 calls to focus on your success 
  • 6 group calls  
  • The WOMAN Framework  
  • 3 months of group Voxer support 
  • BONUS: Success Codes - The Base code

I Am Woman 

Our sacred goals are to help you reach 10K months/100k years for human and help you fully embody the energy of 'unfuckable' with WOMAN, who is ready to fully embrace the Priestess already within.  

I AM WOMAN - Hear me ROAR!

  • Where You're Currently at: 
    You have a strong soul mission, a brand, your social media channels already set up, you have offers to sell (with at least one of those offers being at 1.5K to 2K+). You are ready to do deep inner work, walk with the discomfort of change to realise your goals.
  • Where You Desire To Go In Business: 
    You desire to reach 10K months/100k years for your human and help with fully embodying the energy of an 'unfuckable' with WOMAN. You desire to stand in your sacred power, be the power in your life that shapes and creates it to code for massive success.  You desire Sisterhood, support, a plan and energy shifts into the complete ownership of being an embodied WOMAN. 
  • How to apply for one of the I AM WOMAN pod:
    Click the link below to fill in the application form. All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence.  Answer as honestly as possible as we really want you to succeed with us. This will help us to know where you are at and what would be the best course of action to your success.  

I Am WOMAN Investment

Investment is:  

$5,555 pay in full 

$1888 per month for 3 months

$988 per month for 6 months

Education is the single most valuable tool in creating the life you desire. It's not that you can't be a millionaire, it's just you may not know how yet- self led education will take you there

- Joanna Hunter


When does the WOMAN Trinity Pod begin?

The start date for the WOMAN Trinity Pod is still to be confirmed. It will either begin once the pod has filled been filled, or before the end of April 2022. 

How many people will be in the WOMAN Trinity Pod? 

Max. 6 people.

What is the investment for the WOMAN Trinity Pod and are there payment plans available? 

The investment for the WOMAN Trinity Pod are:

  • $5,555 pay in full
  • $1,888 per month for 3 months
  • $988 per month for 6 months

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