11th July to 15th July 2021


This FREE 5 day masterclass is a Quantum Portal, a doorway into new timelines. 


Are you ready to recalibrate, shift and uplevel? Are you ready to know what it takes to create a life of the extraordinary and to play in the Quantum field at your next level? 

The Quantum Portal Gateway

11th July to 15th July 2021

  If YOU are content to sit on the side-lines of your life, this is not for you! 

The High Priestess is in ...

A warm welcome.

I am Joanna Hunter - High Priestess of the LightWeb and Metaphysical Teacher.

I was 3 years of age the first time I told my mother my soul mission; I am here to raise the vibration of the planet. I may not have had the words at 3, but I knew even then that I was a Quantum Portal for others. I have now been the Quantum Portal for hundreds of people and through My Million Dollar Experiment thousands of people are raising their vibration and shifting their consciousness.

This is no ordinary invite to a free masterclass! This is an invite to a profound energetic experience to step through a Quantum Portal into a higher consciousness- Are you ready? The choice is yours! 

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