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The 5 Elements of Online Business with Soul

The live section of this course has now ended but you can still see the 5 days of video replays and get access to the extended workbook and the Personal Facebook page audit by purchasing the VIP Package below.

This year has had me look at my own leadership and how I show up for you guys, I think I have journaled more this year than any other year.

Here's some things that are dear to my heart;


Mindset and soul consciousness work are more important than ever. #LightWeb.

Self-love is massively important in how we show up in our lives and how we interact with the world. #YOUnity.

Money consciousness education solves many problems for many people and self-love solves the rest.

I do a lot of FREE work in these areas because I believe in the power of higher consciousness and education as a tool to help those most in need to break the systems that oppress them. My amazing paying clients make this generosity possible and allow me to serve in such a way, for everyone to experience my teachings every time they purchase one of my offerings.

My chosen vehicle for change in my own life is my spiritual business, it has changed my life and that of many of my clients, followers, and colleagues... I LOVE helping other spiritual people create the change they desire by running better spiritual businesses, who reach more people and make more money

More consciousness entrepreneurs who do well in business are a resource that will give and give and give to the world. I am recommitting to helping as many as possible in this endeavor...

I'm offering you the chance to hop-on my 5 element challenge, where over 5 days I will share with you the 5 pillars of online business success! Each day we will cover an element and dive deep into your alignment with that element to help you build a successful, change-making business;

🔮 Day one, Ether - we will cover what you need to know about your source connection and how to leverage spiritual guidance as your no.1 business tool.

🌬 Day two, Air- We will look at your air time and communicate in a way that reaches the people that need you the most.

💧Day three, Water- We look at creating a flow in your business that will make it rain anytime you want... how to make sure your water element does not stagnate.

🌱 Day four, Earth- I will show you the life-blood of your business and how to ground your business into practices that puts this into the heart of what you do.

🔥Day five, Fire- I will show you how to become a trail blazer, how to step deeper into your spiritual leadership and become recognised as the leader in your field.

If you choose to join me for only $111, you will get access to the 5 videos, the extended workbook PLUS the bonus Personal Facebook page audit. 

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Love & LightWeb Blessings

Joanna Xx