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About Joanna Hunter   

Joanna Hunter lives in the Magical Highlands of Scotland with her husband and 3 children (a boy and 2 girls), a black cat called Midnite & Daisy the Jack Russell Fur baby.

A Natural and trained medium she has always been spiritually open and had an awareness of the spirit world. 

At 23 years of age she opened her first business, a designer clothing shop called Branded and a love affair with entrepreneurship was born, that has now spanned nearly 2 decades. 

Then in 2008 she survived a major burnout that landed her in hospital with multiple organ failure.  What followed became a gentler way of life, that nurtured her Soul and allowed her to heal from the inside out. 

In 2011 she pursued the true calling of her Soul, working with spiritual entrepreneurs and spiritually open individuals - to help them create a life that sings to their Souls.

This connected the dots of her life, and Joanna now shares her message online and in person via Press and Speaking Engagements.  Please contact us for more information and availability.

Spirit, Business, Mindset & Woo Woo!  

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Get Selfish- The way is Through

The Business Woman

 Joanna Hunter is a Visionary Muse at and Mistress of the Woo Woo at and Founder of Joanna Hunter Media Ltd.

Joanna is an award winning business woman and Author of Get Selfish - The way Is Through.  Her début book about healing lack from the inside out and cultivating self love inside you was published in 2015.

This is the book Spirit asked her to write!

Joanna is proof positive that you can be multi-passionate and make those passions work in harmony within your life.  One of her many passions includes helping other multi-passionate individuals do the same.

"Stop searching for 'that one thing' and follow your passions - your Soul will lead the way" - Joanna Hunter  


 Ways to Connect with Joanna

Joanna is mainly found on Facebook where she runs her Joanna Hunter Page, My Inner Peace Page and Her FREE Agents of Change Group in which she helps people say goodbye to the 9-5 and create their freedom life!

You can also connect with her on Twitter @Joannahuntercom 

"When you where born to stand out, you where never meant to fit in" - Joanna Hunter

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 "When You Have Been Born To Stand Out, You Were Never Meant  To  Fit  In!"

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I love public speaking and sharing my passion for Soul Centred Entrepreneurial-ship, Law of Attraction and Creating a Freedom Life!

Some of My Signature Work 

  • Mindset: How mindset is the game changer in business.  Small changes to yours can create abundance in your business and change the way you do business forever!
  • Law of Attraction in Business: Harnessing this ancient natural law that underpin's all of the Universe to create greater ease, joy and abundance in your life & business!
  • Creating a Freedom Life: What it means to have a freedom life and how to monetise your skill set in a way that will support your laptop life style! 
  • Spirituality in Business: How Business can be a spiritual journey for the Soul and creating a business that resonates with your Soul!
  • Get Selfish - The Way is Through: Healing lack from the inside out, by filling your vessel first and the transformation that happens when your vessel is finally full - and why this needs to happen before you can show up fully in life!  
  • Connect To Your Soul: Inside you is a deeper truth, a knowing that sometimes seems to transcend all logic and reasoning, yet provides a sublime inner wisdom, a heart song that can guide you to a higher truth and happier life.  



Gemma Maclean

I found your seminar interesting, entertaining and simply life changing. You Joanna are without a doubt one of the most positive down to earth people I have ever met and I could not recommend this seminar enough! - Gemma Maclean

Annette George 

Hi Joanna. I enjoyed last night so very much. Hubby and daughter were talking my ears off all the way home. They came to keep me company and ended up so lifted by your talk, they were glad they came! You are life changing! - Annette George

"Joanna's way of seeing the world, creates a standard in her public speaking that is hard to match and never duplicated..."

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