Your Magic Called

You Here...

- I will help you harness it, to be, do and have it all

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You were born to have it all..

  • Supportive relationships 
  • Abundance, wealth and financial freedom    
  • Ease, Joy and Flow in all that you do
  • A business you are wildly passionate about
  • Incredible magnetic energy, effortless manifestation 
  •  A purpose that burns so brightly that nothing in this world can dim it!

-It's Time  to Embrace your Magic!

Become who you came here to be!  

You are a magical being in a body - It's time for you to code and calibrate for your next level, to unleash your magic, to embody who you came here to be, because anything less is a disservice to you and the planet!

- I will guide you to higher levels of soul embodiment,

because you came here to be your own BeMagic Woman...

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Are you Ready to get some Amazing Results?

...You are a woo woo loving, law of attraction using, Soul centred  entrepreneur - it’s my soul's purpose to help you be the leader you have been born to be, to fully step into that juicy, divine mission that you have burning deep in your soul and monetise  the sparkles out of it!

  I Have A Talent For. . .

... taking your overwhelm and turning it into a simple, step by step action plan that aligns with your soul and makes you money! My clients love working with me because I am fluent in woo woo and the law of attraction, but I am also fluent in marketing and business, so I act like a bridge between these two very different worlds. .

"I am a spiritual coach with 23 years REAL life experience of running  businesses"

I have seen a LOT in my 23 years of being an entrepreneur! I began mentoring others in business at just 24 years old, helping them achieve their goals. My online academy, the Woo Woo Academy, now has over 6000+ enrolled students, helping my global audience create the difference they came here to make, with business, mindset and woo woo! 

Activating Magic, One Human At  aTime!  

My Incredible Clients 



"I would definitely recommend Joanna to anyone who wants to mix practical business skills with the spiritual aspect to keep their energy high, and work with the law of attraction to manifest their goals.

She's an awesome mix of woo woo with practical, and that's really rare!"

Laura Muirhead

"Working with Joanna on my mindset and in LightWeb has changed everything.

I have experienced so many amazing changes in the time I have coached with Joanna from personal to business change, including manifesting and opening my new Studio 161"

 Meike Haisenko

"LightWeb was unbelievable. Connecting to source on such a deep level was fantastic, I learned a lot and healed a lot more. Absolutely would recommend it! Best course I had invested in for a long time - basically life changing! 

I can hear source clearly now - it's like having conversation!" 

August Vip Course 

Join Joanna on the 12th of August 2021 for the Quantum soul of Money - 8 powerful conversations that will shift your money consciousness  and invite you to code for a new paradigm with money. 

Money is an extension of source it's magic made manifest dive into the quantum soul of money, reconnect with the goodness of source and restore your relationship with money forever. 


"She walks in Magic.... Unhurried by outside forces, as if in her own bubble of time...

Miracles follow in her wake - she's a creator, both powerful and strong, gentle and wise ... 

She's tapped into unseen forces,Tuned In to the whispers of the Universe. 

All of the agents of thisBeautiful cosmos are at her command, with just a look and a knowing, her will is done. 

- She is Magic in possession of the technology of her soul, her possibilities are Infinite 

- her time is NOW " 

YOUnity Consciousness

You in Sacred Union with your -


This is the BeMagic way

So you can be, do and have the 

life of your deepest desires! 

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