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You will need a Business PayPal account to become an affiliate, this is the only way we can pay you any affiliate rewards. It is up to you to set up your Business PayPal account, this is a legal requirement to pay you your affiliate fees. If you do not have an affiliate account with us already, then click the button below and select SIGN UP AND REGISTER to create and account. Please read and follow the instructions.    

If You are a My Million Dollar Affiliate?  

If you are already one of our affiliates e.g. for My Million Dollar Experiment, it's even easier. You will already have and affiliate account with us, so just click the button below and select:


This will add the 7 Day Magic of Receiving Bootcamp to your affiliate account 

Important Info  

Full up-front transparency - we want you to have the best experience with us 

  • Affiliate rewards are 50% of each confirmed sale, which equals $55.50 USD  
  • There is no limit to how many people you can introduce 
  • Affiliate rewards are paid out 14 days after the sale is completed
  •  Commission is only paid on the use of YOUR special link, if the wrong link is shared or used we can't pay you
  • Make sure your Business Paypal account is set to receive payments other wise we can't pay you
  •  You can check your affiliate commissions due in your affiliate account at anytime
  •  Our full affiliate Terms and Conditions can be viewed HERE. By signing up you are agreeing to adhere to these terms and conditions. 
  • You must be already signed up and paid for Magic of Receiving 7 Day Bootcamp before you can be an affiliate - it is not permitted to sign up using your own affiliate account. Anyone found doing this will have their account deleted and no commission will be paid.   

Why be an affiliate? 

Magic of Receiving is about pushing the boundaries of what you let into you life. It's crazy how much we block money, goodness and abundance by being resistant to it. 

Why? A number of reasons. The top one being the greatest prison man has ever created... the prison of "what will other people think!" Our affiliate  program is a no-pressure, safe place to explore what comes up for you when sharing our affiliate program. This is an easy way to create expansion in your world by just sharing us.

It allows you to start practicing and flexing the muscle of receiving right away, and of course our hope is that you 'get paid' to be in our Bootcamp by introducing 3 or more friends to the Magic of Receiving Bootcamp.

Start your receiving  journey with a bang... 

The affiliate programme is completely optional.  

Let in the Magic of Receiving 

We want you to me a RECEIVING MEGA STAR so we have put together loads to help you.... 

Affiliate Support We Give....



  • We will give you everything you need to share our Magic of Receiving 7-Day Bootcamp with your friends  
  • Ready-made images for the course to make it easy for you to share  
  • Ready-made posts that you can copy and paste to share, along with your link  
  • Ready-made email templates that you can customise to share with your clients or friends
  • Special affiliate centre webpage with easy access to all sharing materials  
  • Plus your friends can also join the affiliate program too so win/win  

Frequently Asked Questions...

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I need to sign up to affiliate program?

What if I don't have a business PayPal 

Is this a pyramid scheme? 

Can I really make my money back?

Is there a limit to how many affiliate commissions I can earn? 

What if I forget to use my special link? 

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